Coming up with a stylish, classy, and reliable restaurant is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs time, money, effort, and most importantly, marketing. If you cannot correctly market your restaurant, it will be hard for you to meet the desired success. But, you have to make sure of one thing that your marketing strategies are unique, classy, attractive, and sophisticated. Or else, you will go into the ignorance list of your potential customers. Thus, to help you with this, we are providing you with 31 restaurant marketing ideas that will help you to establish your restaurant.

List Of Ideas For Restaurant Marketing


  • Switch to videos instead of photos in Instagram

The process of your marketing will be incomplete without video marketing. And to start with that, you have to include videos in your Instagram account. Make sure that the videos showcase all the positive aspects of your restaurants. To make a beautiful video, you can use online video editing software like InVideo. Its amazing features will assist you in crafting the eye-catching videos.

  • Make your restaurant listed on food delivery app

Another strategy of restaurant marketing is to enroll in your restaurant with food delivery apps. In this way, you can reach up to numerous potential foodies and provide them with the list of the food that you can serve. In case if someone likes your food, they will recommend it to someone else, and your customers will increase, eventually.

  • Create a website for your restaurant

These days, the site is a must. Without a proper website, the list of your marketing strategy will be incomplete. You have to craft the website in such a way that it can grab the attraction of the visitors. You have to understand that people will search your restaurant on the internet first and then they will head towards it.

  • Garner reviews from Facebook and Google

Well, in this digital age, online rating plays a vital part in achieving the desired height of success. Before going to your restaurant, people will check your online rating, and then they will decide if they will go there or not. So, what you have to do is to gather some positive reviews from Facebook and Google, so that people don’t hesitate to visit your restaurant.

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  • Come up with unique and local recipes

Now, food is the most important thing about a restaurant. If your food is not good enough, then there will be no point in marketing for your restaurant. So, try to craft some unique dishes, which you will serve only. Also, try to cook local meals as local dishes always attract people. Try to be exclusive and unique with everything that you have.

  • Referral programs will also help

This is another fun way to promote your restaurant. Try to provide with some unique codes to your customers, which they can use as referral codes. Tell them to refer your restaurant to other people. And when they will come to you with the codes, provide them with some good discounts. Also, offer considerable discounts to the people who have referred your restaurant, when they come to your restaurant for the second time.

  • Happy hours can grab numerous customers

If you can include happy hours to your restaurant, it will grab the attention of innumerable foodies. And that will be the time when you can showcase all your food creativities and strike an emotional chord with the foodies. Also, during happy hours, you will get the chance to reach a more significant range of customers.

  • Prepare special sitting arrangement for kids

Goodwill has a huge role to play when it comes to marketing. And to build the goodwill, you can tailor some special sitting arrangements for kids. And if you can do that, people will come to your restaurant out of love and will praise the ambiance of your place. In this way, you will witness more and more customers to your restaurant.

  • Bring some toys or events to your restaurant

Sometimes, kids get bored and start to create trouble for their parents. It becomes quite hard for the parents to relish the food and control their kids at the same time. But, if you can bring some toys or exciting events to your kids, they will not make trouble anymore, and you will gain more customers due to its child-friendly ambiance.

  • A membership plan will help you to retain customers

Retaining customers is a very significant part when it comes to restaurant marketing. It will be beneficial for you in the long run and to witness the desired height of success. And to retain customers, you can introduce membership cards. Provide long-term customers with membership cards and also deliver them with some good discounts.

  • Get in touch with your customers through messages and emails

Well, e-mail is not dead. We have a misconception that the importance of e-mail is dead. But, it is still a useful tool when it comes to marketing. It will help you to keep in touch with your customers. You have to keep on mailing them or messaging them. Mail them about the new discounts or the new recipes that you are serving.

  • Upload your special offers to your website as well as your social media accounts

Apart from mailing your customers about your special offers, upload those special offers to your site as well. You will find many people who will visit your website and check out if there are any offers or not. Similarly, you can upload your special offers to your social media page.

  • Get testimonials from your customers and showcase those in your restaurant

Testimonials are a potent tool for marketing. It will help you to gain trust amongst the customers and also reflect your passion for your work. Also, there is a typical mentality amongst people that if someone refers to them something in person, they will trust it. Testimonials play the same role in marketing.

  • Make your staffs well-dressed and well-spoken

Nothing can beat politeness. Politeness is the key to success. So, train your teams in such a way that they must behave politely and dress appropriately. If your crews are well-spoken, people will come back to your restaurant again and again. Also, they will refer your restaurant to other people and tell them that your staffs are quite classy as well as polite.

  • Make use of ORM to receive the concerns of your customers to the internet

If you don’t want your restaurant to go through any negativity, you have to make use of ORM. Now, what is ORM? Full form of ORM is Online Reputation Management. It helps an organization or a company to get rid of the negative reviews by hiding them. So, look for a company that can take care of your ORM.

  • Craft an attractive design for your menu

Make your menu card as much creative and engaging as possible. When your customers hold your menu card in their hands, they will get impressed by it. And this impression is going to play a crucial role in promoting your restaurant. It will also signify the fact that you are a creative person and you are quite serious about the success of your restaurant. And to create stylish menu card, you can take help from the tools like Canva.

  • Include the option of online reservation

We have already discussed that this is the era of digitalization. People these days prefer to do everything online. So, if you want to get the results of this digital age, you have to introduce online reservations for your restaurant. In this way, more foodies will head towards you.

  • Go for Google and social media advertisements

With the coming of Google and other social media platforms, advertisement has become more accessible. Now, you can take help from Google advertisements and social advertisement to promote your restaurant. If you can do the ad efficiently, you will be able to reach a broader level of foodies.

  • Join hands with food bloggers to promote your brand

Nowadays, food bloggers are exploring a huge plethora of foods and presenting them in front of a vast people. So, if you can join hands with a well-known food blogger, they will help you to promote your brand. Also, they will attract more foodies to your place.

  • Make use of guerrilla marketing

Well, you must have heard of guerrilla warfare, but what is guerrilla marketing? Well, it is surprising and unconventional ways to promote your brand. For example, you can come up with a food truck that will deliver only the exclusive dishes in your restaurant. It will be amazingly beneficial for your marketing.

  • Introduce special corporate offers

It is one of the best-known restaurants marketing ideas. Introducing special corporate offers will not only help you to promote your brand, but it will also help you to gain a considerable amount of profit. If you can establish a corporate-market, you will start receiving corporate employees in bulk.

  • Provide special pricing to the college students

Again, goodwill is coming into the list. Providing special prices to the college students will enhance the goodwill to your restaurant, and you will witness a flock of students in your restaurant. While implementing this strategy, make sure that college students must show you their id cards before availing your offers.

  • Get exclusive discounts by tying up with the payment gateways

These days, people tend to pay through payment gateway apps instead of hard cash. So, it is the time when you must make use of this opportunity. All you need to do is to tie-up with many payment gateways and deliver some discounts to your customers.

  • Create a brand of yours

If you want to experience the desired number of people going to your restaurant, you have to come up with a suitable brand. The brands have the power to pull people towards them. So, don’t think much and come up with a brand. The brand will also increase the class of your restaurant.

  • Have some beautiful crockery

To enhance the vibe and the ambiance of your restaurant, you can include some lovely crockery to it. Well, ambiance plays a vital role in attracting customers when it comes to the restaurant. It also reflects your eclectic taste and aesthetic knowledge. It will also provide a delightful dining experience to gourmands.

  • Come with a community on Facebook

Creating a Facebook community can also bring you more gastronomes. Add people who get fascinated by the concept of food and let them add some other food-lovers as well. In this way, you can grow your community, which will be beneficial for your marketing.

  • For chef-special dishes, introduce a money-back guarantee

Your restaurant must consist of some chef-special dishes. And those dishes are the major attractions for a restaurant. So, if you want to garner more gluttons to your restaurants, you have to introduce a money-back guarantee to those dishes. After that, you will witness the success by yourself.

  • Invite local celebrities and actors to your restaurant

Inviting actors and celebrities to your restaurant is one of the best restaurant marketing ideas. If people perceive that actors and celebrities are coming to your restaurant, they will come here to eat as well. In this way, you will be able to add more bon vivant to your list.

  • Deliver them with free home delivery

Another way to promote your restaurant is by introducing free home delivery. It will help you to gain trust amongst people, and it will also promote you.

  • Reduce the time of your food serving

Reducing the food serving time will make people curious. They will head towards your restaurant and find out that your food serving time is confined. So, to get the test of your food, they will reach up to you in time and relish the delicacies.

  • Contain some special weekend menu

Special weekend menus are extraordinary. They will not only drive more and more foodie to your place, but it will also represent your restaurant in a good light.

So, these are some restaurant marketing ideas, which you can utilize.