Online video marketing or making marketing videos is now the best emerging trend for digital marketers. It is true that videos trigger emotions- anger, pleasure, and sadness. Thus, when you are going to present your brand story, you can choose the video as the best mode of conveying your message. From storyboarding to editing, video storytelling may be a time-consuming process. However, to make this task convenient, you can grab the video creator, InVideo.


Make storytelling videos consistent and coherent

It is not tough for InVideo users to maintain the uniformity in the story. You may have already chosen the visual components (like infographics, video, and images) from InVideo library or your device. Now, it is the right time for putting all these elements to your marketing videos. It is the best way of telling a cohesive story. Those visuals will help you in conveying your message.

In most of the trending marketing videos, you can find a coherent and logical storytelling approach. Thus, when you are creating video scenes with the online video maker, InVideo, you have to maintain a logical order.

Video Marketing

Stir up the emotion in video storytelling

It is one of the significant aspects of the video story developers. Most of the online and social media users do not know their intention behind visiting various platforms. They like to spend their time watching or reading. And that is appealing and exciting. Thus, when you are developing a video with the online video maker, InVideo, you may try to take this advantage. You have to present the videos that drive the emotions of the viewers. These emotions will also help them in the decision-making process.

While using InVideo, you may try out various video formats and apply your creativity. You can identify the elements, which trigger your audience’s emotion. By applying these tricks, you will have a better response from the audience. You can find the path of success in your online video marketing campaign.

Thus, as an InVideo user, you can start building the narratives, which encourage the audience to observe the content well.


Focus less on words, more on visuals – hack for video storyteller

It is true that InVideo gives you space for adding both words and images. However, we have guided you to optimize your use of this video making tool. In the video storytelling process, pictures get more bright than that of the words. Most of the video viewers watch marketing videos without turning on the sound. Thus, the visual parts of your video play the most crucial role.

InVideo has the best features to help you in using the visual elements, and you have to master the way of adding them to your videos. However, this trick works best while you develop short videos (7 to15 seconds). Lots of reputed brands (Apple and Nike) have followed this technique for marketing videos.

Video Storytelling

Now, let us convey to you how to use Invideo for adding visual elements.

  • Colours

Colour theory is highly influential in your video storytelling process. The choice of appropriate colours will make your videos much attractive and appealing. While using InVideo, you may choose a template with the best colour theme. You will also obtain the choice of selecting the font colours. These colours set the mood of your video. And they convey your brand message to your target audience. Similarly, inappropriate colour combinations cause confusions to the viewers. And they create a negative impression among them. Use InVideo to make colourful and eye-catching marketing videos.

  • Context

It is all about the background details, musical effects, and fonts. Each of these elements is effective at communicating your video story. These elements act as the driving forces to your video viewers. Without them, you will not be successful in the storytelling process. In addition to it, you have to adjust your focus and make videos with the right resolution. InVideo enables you to create videos of various resolutions.

  • Video composition

The attention span of the videos is very short. Thus, while you are creating something with InVideo, it has to be precise.

An interesting fact is that our brain can analyze a high amount of information in a second. Thus, you have to create a clear, understandable video. And that quickly draws the focus of the audience. From a detailed study, we have learned that Instagram and Facebook users like to watch vertical videos. Moreover, your video story has to be short.

Hacks and tricks for more conversions and engagement for video storytelling

You have decided on what story you like to represent through video. You may have already started creating it. Now, the most vital step for you is to identify the ways of increasing engagement and transforming the viewers to customers. With Invideo, you may try to add various elements to the video to reach your goal.

Video Marketing
  • Choose the relevant and effective CTA – Let us illustrate it clearly. You may have thought of creating an Instagram video with InVideo. Your target is to present a story, which makes your brand familiar to the new potential customers. In that case, you should never use a CTA, intended to buy your product. InVideo helps in choosing the CTA, which invites them to visit your site. The viewers may also become your followers at the social platform. At the storyboarding step, you can find the option for linking your words to your social media profile.
  • Invite viewers for engagement- This also relates the use of CTA. You may add something that helps the viewers in sharing the video with others. Thus, create the video clip with InVideo, and let others share it at different sites.
  • Be highly responsive- InVideo helps you in creating exciting and fascinating visual contents. You can then share it with your followers.

Thus, for successful video storytelling, you can rely on InVideo. This tool helps you to weave the text, images, and music together to form the story. However, the addition of too many elements can slow down the speed of your video. Make marketing videos faster by incorporating the right number of media and various other items.