With the wedding season going on in full swing, there must be a flood of invitations in the market. However, it is e-vites that are catching the attention these days and picking up pace in recent times. Planning the perfect wedding is a herculean task and so is making your own wedding invitation. Printing a wedding card is easy, but distribution is when the real hassle begins. It is extremely time-consuming to travel and distribute each invite personally. But you need not worry any more. InVideo is here to help you and it has brought with it the option to replace physical wedding invites with a wedding invitation video!

wedding invitation

Using InVideo’s video editor you can create your own wedding invitations. On InVideo’s simple-to-use platform, there is a varied range of wedding invitation templates for you to choose from. You can make the best of these templates and go all out with all your innovative ideas to make your own wedding invitation creative and attractive, just the way you always dreamt it to be! Let us understand why a wedding video invite is preferred over a physical one.

  • Unhampered Customization

Being a video invite, you have total freedom over the way you edit and make your perfect wedding invitation card. You can design the invite according to your liking to make it more appealing. You can select the best clips from the available templates or add your own in the invitation reel and make it more personal!

  • Huge Room for Creativity

What if your wedding invite could speak and add a more personal touch to your invitation? Yes, now you can create your own invitations to make your guests feel special each time they play the video. Pictures, graphics, sounds, and stickers are among the many things that you can add to the video and unleash your true creativity.

  • Become Eco-Friendly

This is one topic that is most talked about lately. Physical invites are something that one tends to dispose of just as soon as the event is done with. You cannot expect someone to store your invite for years just because it looks beautiful. But that doesn’t seem right either, does it? Video invites solve this problem by residing in the virtual space and not adding to the garbage issue.

  • Guest Management

Guest management is easier said than done. Only the families involved in the wedding preparations know how difficult it is to manage the hundreds of people that will turn up on that one special day of your life. With an e-vite, your guest list can be managed with ease. 

  • Delivery and Access

Dreading that your physical invites will be delivered on time is something that one can do without! You certainly do not want your wedding invites reaching your guests after the event. An e-vite solves the problem of logistics so that you have one less thing to worry about. Sending a video invite can help you beat snail mail and get your wedding invites delivered in time. Moreover, they can be sent in bulk to everyone on the guest list and you can even get immediate RSVPs. 

After a run-through of the above points, you will be convinced to become a video editor using InVideo’s wedding invitation templates and make your own wedding invitations for your special day. 

InVideo’s templates are something you may look at as a one-stop-solution to fuel all your creative wedding invitation ideas.