If you are looking for a free online slideshow maker to create a baby shower video invitation, InVideo is a super simple video creator that allows you to do so without downloading a clunky app or spending a single dime.  

And not just that, with InVideo, the possibilities are endless. You can customize your video in several ways, and you can create something truly magical using its tools. Thanks to InVideo’s rich collection of templates, editing options, and in-built enhancers, you can create beautiful videos even if you don’t know a thing about making videos.

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Here are seven innovative ways you can make a baby shower video:

1. Go for a unique look

InVideo is the perfect invitation maker because you can customize your video to a great extent. Two people can create the same video using mostly similar templates and yet end up with drastically different results because their imaginations vary. InVideo gives you millions of permutations and combinations when it comes to making a video. The simplest way to give your video a unique yet professional look is the template segment. There are thousands of templates that this simple video creator offers. Spending some time exploring the templates will give you several different options, as well as ideas. Just because you are making a baby shower invitation does not mean you can’t look at other templates. For example, what if you decided to make the invitation to look like an Instagram story! Maybe you make it look like a product launch! How cool would that be? It’s all a matter of your imagination. Let it run wild, and it will come up with something super excellent.

2. Rock a theme

Another way to make your baby shower invitation stand out is by choosing a theme. Suppose your spouse, and you are photographers. Maybe you both are engineers. You can use that as the theme of your invitation. You could also choose a random theme, such as a comic book. You can use both templates and enhancers to make the invitation read like a comic book! Wouldn’t that be grand? Life is too short to be boring. And InVideo is an excellent invitation maker because it presents a ton of options for your video. With InVideo, boring is impossible! If you go with the comic book theme, there are icons in the Enhancers segment that can truly make your video invitation come to life. Your theme could also be a specific color or a combination of two colors. That is also a great look to go for.

3. Tell a story

Everybody loves a good story. Instead of simply stating the venue, date, and time of the baby shower, your invitation could tell a story to the recipients. There are several options in the Text option that can make your words resemble words from a storybook. It could be an interesting story about how you and your partner came to decide on having a baby. InVideo is a simple video creator that helps you create a variety of different types of videos. It also allows you to create a video solely out of the text, as well. So, if you have a way with words, take a deep breath, place your fingers on the keyboard and let them flow. Leave it to InVideo to transform it into a fabulous video! 

4. Make them tap their feet

Alright, so you are not someone who has a way with words. That’s alright. Not everybody does. But what about music? Do you like music? Did you say, yes? Awesome! Then why not combine images and music in such a way that you get people excited about the baby shower? And with InVideo as your invitation maker, this becomes surprisingly simple. How you ask? Well, first of all, InVideo has an enormous directory of tunes for all moods and genres. Once you zero in on a track you like, set it up with your video and let the images or videos change right on the beats! Just imagine that. It will make a huge impact on the viewer. Just try it!  

5. Take it personally

While the InVideo directory has millions of images and videos, why not go ahead and use your very own clicks to add a personal feel to your invitation? It’s always a great idea to put yourself out there, adding a touch of your personality, your realness to shine through in your creations. Just go ahead and upload the images and videos you have taken. Because people love it when you do that!

6. Make it like a movie

InVideo allows you to build and add scenes as you wish. Use the Add scene option to create or add something to the template you have selected. Building a scene is compelling stuff, as it allows you to personalize a template up to a great extent. If you wish, you can also play around with the layers to make your video look professional. So, put on your director’s hat on and get ready to direct a movie! Sounds like fun? That’s because it is!

7. Start from scratch

The ideas mentioned earlier are mere suggestions. You might be someone who loves the first idea, the second one, or someone who has an entirely different view of how to go about it. You might be someone so full of great ideas that the only way you go about this is making a video from ground zero. InVideo also allows you to do that. It is not only a simple video creator but also a flexible one. You have a range of options, numerous tools, and millions of images and videos that you can use to bring your specific idea to life using this magical tool. So, if you are someone with the gift of imagination, go ahead and build your video from scratch!

What are some other innovative ways you can create an invitation to InVideo? Do mention in the comments below.