Healthcare industry of the world is witnessing a significant transformation. And the change is coming from the marketing aspect. Over time, marketing heads are coming with creative and unique ideas. They are either improvising traditional marketing ideas, or they are crafting new or fresh ideas. As a result of that, the marketing pattern of the healthcare industry is going through a significant shift. So, if you are a marketer of the healthcare industry and you are new in this field, you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss 8 healthcare marketing trends that are going to make their mark in 2019.

healthcare marketing trends

1. Healthcare industry is significantly dependent on video marketing

Right now, no marketing head can ignore the impact of video marketing. It is a convenient way to convey your message to the consumers and what they will get if they buy your product. Also, video marketing provides you with a vast space where you can explore your creativity and connect with your consumers emotionally. According to numerous studies, if the landing page of your website consists of a video, there is a possibility that you will experience an increased conversion by 80%. And to make a healthcare video, you can take help of InVideo video editing tool. Its handy features will help you to craft an eye-catching video.

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2. Educative content can also do the wonders

According to marketing experts, television campaigns and expensive traditional marketing styles are not the only efficient way of marketing. Other than these strategies, you can read the pulse of your consumers if you provide them with educative contents. It will be a more personalized way to reach to your consumers. Also, with the help of the educative materials, you can infuse trust within people. If they find the solution to their problems in your contents, they will rely on you and give you the necessary conversions. So, consider educative contents to include in your healthcare marketing strategy and see the results by yourself.

3. Showcase the experience of patients

Another effective method of marketing is to present the knowledge of the patients. If your consumers can witness the benefits of your healthcare products, it can establish an impact on the minds of your customer. After watching the benefits, they are more likely to deliver you with conversions. Well, human psychology has a crucial role to play here. Healthcare industry conducted numerous surveys regarding this aspect and what they found that rather than showing the post-treatment experience, projecting on the experience that they are going through in the hospitals are going to pull more consumers. So, if you want to see yourself ahead of everyone, you should incorporate this marketing strategy.

4. Doctors are joining hands with the pharmaceutical companies to enhance their sales

This strategy is new on the boards. And this healthcare advertising strategy is witnessing quite an enjoyable success. Here also, human psychology has a vital role to play. If potential consumers see that a certified doctor is marketing a healthcare product, they will rely on it. On top of it, every doctor has his/her own set of patients, and those patients trust the doctor blindly. So, if the doctor refers to a healthcare product to his/her patients, they will buy it without any hesitation. Therefore, the pharmaceutical manufacturers will get their desired number of conversions, and the doctors, in return, will either get monetary pay or a settlement.

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5. Generic medicines are boosting their market share

Now, this is something which everyone should know. But before going any further, we would like you to know about the definition of generic medicine. Well, generic drugs are nothing but the exact copy of the branded drugs. They have the same dosage, effects, intended use, side effects, safety, risks, and all the things. The only difference between generic medicines and branded medicines is the price. But now, the healthcare industry is focusing on generic drugs as they are planning to increase the amount of their share. In this way, they will experience more conversions as a vast number of people will head towards buying those, because of its price.

6. More and more people are opting for health insurance

Making people register for health insurance is another way of marketing. When someone is suggesting you to get health insurance, they are representing the healthcare industry. And according to observations and studies, the industry is going to utilize health insurance as one of their marketing tools in the year 2019. To be more precise, if someone is registering for health insurance, he is not only securing his/her future but also, the healthcare industry is extracting profit out of it. So, we can easily consider health insurance to be a marketing strategy for the industry.

7. Specialized dieticians are also getting importance and promoting the healthcare industry

You may be wondering what a specialized dietician has to do with the healthcare industry. But you have to understand that apart from doctors, dedicated dieticians are also representing the healthcare industry. There are numerous things that a specialized dietician can do for you like designing nutrition programs for you, protecting you from allergic reactions as well as lowering down the symptoms of numerous diseases. Now, multiple medicine manufacturers are joining hands with those dieticians and utilizing them for the sake of marketing. So, it is also a new marketing strategy that you can look for.

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8. Including social media in the healthcare marketing strategy

Well, in this era of digitalization, if an industry cannot take help from social media platforms, it will be considered as a foolish act. So, the healthcare industry is also expanding its branches in social media and using the platforms for marketing. Numerous fitness experts are engaging with the consumers through social media platforms, and in this way, they are doing their part in marketing. In the year 2019, this engagement between the fitness experts and the consumers is going to increase even more.

So, these are the eight healthcare marketing trends that are going to establish their ground in the year 2019.