If you have a business with a presence on the Internet and especially in social networks before anything else, you should ask yourself: is video marketing an essential part of your social media strategy?

When you finish reading this article you will want it to be; because online video marketing is attractive, generates emotions, increases virility, increases engagement, is suitable for SEO, does not require significant expenses or investments (you can even make your videos for free) and also likes your potential customers.

So, do you have any reason not to use it? Not really.

That’s why, and so you can make the most of the power of the videos, we’re going to share everything you need to know so you can create your video marketing strategy in just eight steps.

But first, let us show you more in detail what video marketing consists of and some compelling reasons to include it in your content strategy.

What is video marketing and why should you bet on it?

Role of Video Marketer

The video marketing is the use of video in a digital strategy to publicize position, promote and sell a product or service to achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.

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It is called to be the present, and the future of digital marketing and more and more companies both large and small are betting on it including video marketing within their actions on social networks. The sure thing is that they do not lack reasons for it.

Did you know for example that 78% of the content consumed on the network is already audiovisual content?

But besides, it is super useful for all types of businesses and acts as a springboard accelerating your way to the goals of your company.

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And not only are those but 57% of consumers more likely to buy a product after watching a demo video about it.

Also, 45% of consumers say that after watching brand videos their behavior concerning it changes to such an extent that 26% seek more information about the brand, more than 20% visit the corporate website and more than 15% arrives at the physical or online sales points to acquire the product.

Seen this way, you’re sure to start to include video marketing in your digital strategy, but there’s still more.

And to all that we must add that video marketing does not have to be expensive (you can even make your videos totally free) and it is a type of content that does not expire but is always available to your potential customers, which will create the video a time but it will guarantee you results continuously.

The Videos are closer, shareable, can be made viral more quickly than other content. It can build trust, bring credibility, provide visibility, most interest, offer better positioning, increase the length of visits, increase conversion rates, humanizing the company, promote interactivity, and are beginning to compete seriously with television. The reason is we spend more time on the Internet and less in front of the small screen -we even prefer mobile devices to watch series and content.

How to design your online video marketing strategy in 4 steps to save your time with InVideo

Designing Video Marketing Strategies

Here are four steps that will help you plan your video marketing strategy.

  1. Define your goals and objectives

Maybe with them, you want to attract more traffic to your website, get more views,  increase the number of followers, generate conversions, improve your brand image, reach more potential customers or get more sales.

Anyway, ask yourself what your goals are and defining them is essential so you can design a video marketing strategy that works and guarantees results.

  1. Take time to get to know your audience

How will you be able to make videos that fall in love with your audience if you do not know who you are addressing or what needs your ideal client?

For all this, it is vital that you spend the time to define your buyer person or ideal customer profile, and also try to know everything about him: his tastes, needs, challenges, and concerns. The more you understand your potential customers, the better you can connect with them and offer them what they need thanks to video marketing.

  1. Choose what kind of video for you

Once you know what you want to achieve and who you are targeting, it is time to decide what types of videos you will include in your strategy – and then elaborate a previous script to make sure you do not forget anything important.

There are many ways to make video marketing with InVideo depending on what you want to convey; For example, you can create corporate videos to improve your brand image, video testimonials to show your audience what your customers say about your products or video tutorials to explain how a particular product or service works.

And although there are many kinds of videos, these are the seven main ones that you should include in your strategy

  1. Select the right tools

If you are going to dedicate yourself to systematically making videos, then you will need to have some tools that can facilitate the process.

There are paid and also free; the most important thing is that you choose those with which both you and your team are comfortable working and work to make creative videos that reach the audience. There are a lot of options available

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard about Vine, an iPhone application that allows you to create short six-second videos and then share them on various networks such as Facebook or Twitter, which will enable you to add even hashtags.

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Well, companies like Samsung, Oreo or Amazon have already opted for these audiovisual minipills that are characterized by being easily consumable and shareable. And nothing is going badly for them. Like them, hundreds of brands have already leaped.