Listing down answers to some of the most frequently asked marketing questions. Marketing managers, marketing students, and other professionals keep wondering for answers to the below asked nine marketing questions. We asked these set of questions to the experts and here is what they have to say.

9 frequently asked marketing questions:

  • What is direct marketing?
  • How to get into marketing?
  • What does a marketing manager do?
  • What can you do with a marketing degree?
  • How to become a marketing manager?
  • Why is marketing important?
  • What is product marketing?
  • What is channel marketing?
  • How much does a marketing manager make?

What is direct marketing?

What is Direct Marketing?


Direct marketing is a process in which businesses connect directly with their customers.

Direct marketing definition:

Direct marketing can be defined as any promotional activity taken up by a business which does not involve any intermediate agent to reach the customers. Direct marketing always comes with a CTA in the form of calling customers, visiting a website, purchasing a product, or any such similar action.

Direct marketing example:

Direct marketing can be done by giving discount codes via email, putting brochures and fliers in a local newspaper, making cold calls, creating video marketing campaigns, etc. These are some of the widely used examples of video marketing.

How to get into marketing?

How to Get Into Marketing?


Here are the 8 tips which can help anyone get into marketing very quickly:

  • Firstly, understand the job profile of a marketing manager. Once you have clarity about the same, you can affirm yourself to take this career path and understand the list of skills to master marketing.
  • If you are young, then get a marketing degree by graduating. A marketing degree will sharpen your marketing skills and clear all the fundamentals of marketing.
  • If you are an experienced professional, then take a marketing course. There are many colleges offering weekend courses. Platforms like Coursera and Udemy offer many online courses on marketing as well.
  • With increasing marketing automation and introduction to artificial intelligence learning marketing tools become essential. Hubspot, InVideo, and Sniply can be the tools to start with.
  • You can network on LinkedIn with experienced professionals. Understand the marketing career path by talking to them. The reality of the marketing job can be best understood by talking to people who do this job. They might even assist as mentors.
  • Getting a job with no work experience can be challenging. The best way to get into any industry is by doing an internship. An internship will help you with first-hand knowledge. It will also prepare you to take challenges that a marketing manager face.
  • If getting a job is difficult then take some pro-bono work. Pro-bono work or consulting project can you give a head start into marketing.
  • One of the most critical differentiators for a successful marketing professional is that they keep reading. Keep updating your knowledge since the marketing world is always on the go.

What does a marketing manager do?

what does a marketing manager do


A marketing manager’s job description should include at least 9 of below-mentioned points:

  • Generate qualified leads through inbound marketing.
  • Budgeting for the entire year.
  • Design marketing campaigns. A Marketing manager needs to plan for ATL, BTL, and TTL activities.
  • A well-thought pricing model should be designed based on competition in the market.
  • A marketing manager should do segmentation of all the potential customers. Based on the segmentation a marketing manager can define a target group which the company would strategically focus.
  • A marketing manager should realign all the promotional activities as per the selected target group. Thus, the marketing manager will define the positioning of the product as well.
  • Public relationship and communication also come under the responsibilities of the marketing manager.
  • Marketing manager plays a crucial role in the development of research and product development based on the competitive landscape and study of gaps in the market.
  • Finally, a marketing manager should be equipped to measure the results delivered by the marketing team.

What can you do with a marketing degree?

What can you do with Marketing Degree


Many-a-times people wonder the importance of taking marketing majors. Below are the 4 prime benefits of pursuing a marketing career:

  • For enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to kick-start a career with self-business marketing majors can acts as a boon. A marketing degree will brush your fundamental as well as help you take business decisions wisely.
  • If you are planning to take the job of a marketing manager, then it is very likely that with the help of a marketing degree you will perform better than others.
  • It goes without question that a marketing degree will sharpen your communication skills – written and spoken communications
  • Today marketing studies are not just restricted to theories and strategies. It involves some mathematics and learning a gamut of analytics tools like SAS and R. These tools help marketing managers take decision based on science and reasoning.

How to become a marketing manager?

How to become a marketing manager

3 easy ways to become a marketing manager:

  • Give an entrance exam to get into a suitable college for graduation
  • If you are an experienced professional, then do some certification in marketing from websites like eDX.
  • There always an option to learn on the job if you get an opportunity. You can start a role in marketing by signing up for a marketing internship.

4 Reasons to become a marketing manager

  • A marketing manager gets a hefty salary
  • There is an extensive career option in the field of marketing. This is because all the companies right from FMCG, Oil, and Gas, BFSI, etc. need a marketing team.
  • Artificial intelligence or robots are not likely to steal your job easily.
  • The reputation of a marketing manager is always superior.

Why is marketing important?

Why is Marketing important

Here are the 5 reasons highlighting the importance of marketing:

  • Any business which needs to succeed in the 21st century needs to run a marketing campaign ardently. Here are the five reasons which highlight the importance of marketing
  • With increasing competition, the number of products available in the market has increased drastically. Buyers tend to get confused when they are given choices more than what they can handle. In such a scenario, marketing plays a vital role. The known brand will help the buyer make an informed decision.
  • When the product is a relatively new awareness of the same places a vital role, the potential buyer needs to be educated for the benefits that she will derive by using the product.
  • Running an effective marketing campaign throughout the year reinforce the brand in the customer’s mind. The familiarity of a customer with brand name plays a vital role when the final decision for buying happens.
  • A known brand is always considered as a credible brand compared to its counterpart.

What is product marketing?

What is product marketing

Product marketing needs to go through 3 phases:

  • Firstly, attract the potential customer. This is a process of building the top layer of the marketing funnel, or it is also called as lead generation. If you have a digital presence, you do lead generation through blogging, social media scheduling, SEO, SEM, and SMM.
  • The second step would be to lucrative the leads and convert them to a customer. Conversion can be done by pitching a great call to action. Some good examples of call to action are coupons, free trials, or free sample distribution.
  • The last step will be closure. Sales team or product expert can take up this work. The closure should follow the well know formula “ABC” which is always be closing.

The product marketing team needs to think about driving the demand for the product. This can be done by identifying how the product can solve the existing gap in the customer’s problem.

To summarize product marketing should focus on answering two questions:

  • Why your product?
  • Why is this the right time to sell the product?

What is channel marketing?

Designing a customized marketing plan for each of the marketing channels is called channel marketing. Marketing channels are different means/platforms used to communicate with the target group.

4 Example of channel marketing

  • Having a dedicated Facebook page group to solve customer queries
  • Email marketing to send new offers to push signups
  • Paid ads for inbound marketing
  • Brochures/flyers in a newspaper for product awareness

How much does a marketing manager make?

How much does a marketing manager make

The salary of a marketing manager varies from $88k to $120k. The significant factors influencing the salary are:

  • Number of years of experience
  • Education completed
  • Any additional certification