What is an Application Programming Interface - API?

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Let’s say there is a group of Chinese businessmen that have been invited to speak at a conference in India next week. These businessmen have always predominantly spoken Mandarin Chinese, the official language of China. So, they aren’t familiar with either English or Hindi, common languages spoken in India.

What options do they have if they want to accept the invitation to speak? Either they learn English, which would take at least a few months. It would take up their precious time, that could be used to prepare their speeches. Not to mention the cost it would take to hire a tutor.

A simpler solution would be to hire a translator that can speak Mandarin Chinese as well as English. This would save time, effort and cost. An API (Application Programming Interface) is just like a translator that communicates already existing data between two organically different systems without any changes to the systems themselves. An API makes it possible for a company to integrate a novel technology developed by another company with minimal effort in knowing how that technology works.

How do people use APIs?

In the world of the internet, nothing works without the use of APIs. Let’s say you book an Uber ride.

– Google Maps uses your phone’s geolocation API to know where you are located. In this case, Google Maps was able to gain access to a feature of your phone.

– Uber uses Google Maps’ API to suggest the fastest route to your destination. In this case, Google Maps’ API just shared information.

– At the end of your ride, if you choose to pay through a debit card, then Uber uses the payment gateway of your bank. In this case, your bank’s API allows Uber to have a solution to the secure payment processing problem.

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Here are a few examples:

– An automobile company looking to send personalized automated videos of accessories to new buyers.

– A business news channel trying to enable its editorial team to create data-centric videos that can be shared across all digital platforms.

– A travel company searching for new ways to send itineraries and travel packages to potential customers.

– An e-commerce company trying to broaden its social media reach by creating trending videos like “5 things every woman should have in her kitchen”.

– A food blogger, a big-time media house, a publication house, a music company, an entertainment house…

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Your API + InVideo = Goal Achieved

InVideo will create customized and personalized video samples that can look good for your brand. In conjunction, video designs specific to your brand will be finalized. Once your API has been created, InVideo will make your APIs talk to these dynamic designs that change according to the data being fetched.

You can make thousands of entertaining videos in a matter of hours!


Why should you do it?

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APIs allow you to leverage the data that your company already has. It helps you forward your brand name and create monetary value for this data.

It can seem like this is too much to grab all at once. You can always talk to your tech team or hook us up with them, and we would be happy to help.


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