What is product marketing
What Is Product Marketing?

Nowadays, most of the marketers make a mistake by paying too much attention to social marketing, business reach, and promotion. They overlook the fact that their major marketing step is

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What is Channel Marketing
What Is Channel Marketing?

Every business takes various steps for decreasing the costs, increasing customer fulfillment and raising efficiency. However, lots of companies have found that it is tough to sell a product in

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Marketing manager
How to get into Marketing?

Marketing is one of the most promising fields of career due to the increasing use of the internet. Nowadays, lots of candidates are making a shift in their career path

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Why Is Marketing Important?

Marketing is always the heart of the success of every business. It helps in introducing and promoting the services or products of a company. The term, marketing has a broad

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Marketing manger
What Is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing definition Direct Marketing is a method that is used for carrying out the process of marketing and is also an essential form of advertising. It involves the delivery

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