Videos dominate more and more content on social networks and hence video marketing is the need of the hour. So much so that Instagram recently launched IGTV, which allows users to upload longer videos.

It is inevitable; you need to include videos in your social media strategy, preferably in all your channels for video marketing.

The above opens the door for you to create videos of your products that highlight something unique about them and motivate more customers to buy.

There are different types of videos in video marketing and one can choose the type of video according to their requirement. A lot of such videos can be made using the InVideo app

However, you must be careful.

Some direct selling videos can work well, but you’ll need to use your creativity not to bore your customers with direct sales every day. Your followers are not there to buy your products all the time and if your videos start to be just about selling you can begin to lose followers.

In this article, we will give you some ideas of videos in video marketing that you can create to sell more without doing it directly as we all know that Marketing videos are a great source to get more and more business.

With these video marketing ideas, you can create videos to increase your sales without selling directly and maintaining the interest of your customers with new and useful videos about your products, and you will also reach many more people.

Exploit your creativity

Instagram Story for Video Marketing

  • A creative video will immediately capture people’s attention which is easy to make with InVideo
  • Instead of just taking shots of your new products, why not add creative elements?
  • Use text to add context, graphics to give personality and music to attract attention. Focus on making your videos fun and exciting, since people will stop seeing them if they are not.
  • Sure, this is pretty obvious advice. However, it is the basis for you to implement all the other tips.
  • Show your product in action
  • This advice will make many more people interested in your product. It also adds a lot of value to your video as it clarifies doubts about the operation of your product and the expectations of your product.
  • From sales, this is an excellent way to put your products to the front without necessarily selling directly to your followers.
  • If you also include tutorials about your products, you can clearly show the value of your products.

You can show how to use your product and how to maintain it

People love video tutorials on social networks. If the process is fast and straightforward, you can accelerate your video to capture the attention of those who visit you. People will come to your video interested in the final result they can get with your product – so your video will not be a direct sale. So using Video marketing techniques is the best way to increase business.

Do not forget to tell the story

The “Storytelling” is an essential feature for all those in the world of digital marketing. You can see in the following example the difference between “we use this coffee to make ice cream” and tell an exciting story:

Storytelling does not have to be complicated or extremely dramatic. Just focus on your account having a beginning and an end, rather than merely focusing on sharing facts or facts. What is unique about your products? What are your motivations? Have you told the origin of your business?

You can take advantage of this type of videos to highlight the values of your brand and your personality. People will appreciate this type of videos with which they can connect more openly.

Stand out with Instagram video stories

Instagram stories in video marketing-min

Stories on Instagram are the ideal place to show what makes your products unique. There are thousands of things you can do to show your products directly in your stories. You can add survey stickers to get comments from your customers or add funny symbols. You can even add links to your website or labels with your products so that more people can get directly to your products. You can also create some promotions (check promo video ideas here)

Do not forget to highlight these online video marketing on your profile once they have passed 24 hours and your stories have expired to have a more significant impact.

Show real video testimonials

Do you have fans that always follow and use your product? Do you know experts in your industry who love your product? You can ask them to talk about your product in a video so you can share it on your website or your social networks. See how Market Mojo partnered with InVideo.

The above does not mean you have to make a video with a lot of production. You can make several videos of good quality and join them in one so that you can demonstrate several testimonies at the same time. This type of videos is excellent to show the opinions of your clients and how satisfied they are. If you want to know how to make a video for online marketing, then you can take help of

The duration of your video is key

The shorter it is, the more people can see it to the end. The former applies especially on social networks.

Depending on the theme of your videos, the length of the footage may vary. A fully proportional video? Maximum 20 seconds. If it is a video tutorial, it is best that its duration does not exceed a minute and a half. Products that include maintenance tips for your products can last up to a little over two minutes.

There is no exact rule; however, keep in mind that your clients want to see new and summarized videos. Do not include more than what is necessary, so you will not lose views (and conversions).


Video marketing should be a crucial part of your social media strategy. However, aggressive sales in videos do not always work very well. It is essential that you can find a medium point to show your product, its advantages, and uses, without necessarily sounding like a direct sales channel. To build an excellent video for your customer so that they quickly get aware of your product.