Journalism is the collection of reports and analysis of recent events and happenings in the society.  News media work independently and has the right to freedom of speech using various mediums like print media, television, radio, and the Internet. Social media has helped us to see active growth in Citizen Journalism and civic activism.

Even now the communities which were not aware of the perks of social media are now indulging in this sphere. It has given rise to many media startups which use the user-generated content through various platforms of social media including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. Citizens are always keeping an eye or becoming a watchdog monitoring several matters related to corporate and political issues.

There are different types of Journalism, a few of them are as follows:

What is Citizen Journalism?

Citizen Journalism can be defined differently by many people. It is the process of gathering the information, news and reporting it by the people who are not trained professional journalists and are called Citizen Journalists. The benefit here is that the information or facts are provided independently by the person that is reliable, accurate and relevant that is essential in the development of democracy. Thus, by using modern tools like the internet, mobile and other resources involving a common man can contribute to their community and society through media which help other people.

Some of the examples of Citizen journalism are as follows:

  • The Arab Spring in the picture below describes the protestors in Tunisia.

types of journalism

  • Syrian Civil War.

The picture describes the kind of situation that took place in the Syrian civil war during that time. It is all recorded and sent by the Citizen Journalist group RBSS in that area.

citizen journalism example

  • The Ferguson unrest in 2014.

The image describes the situation of that place in which police is using tear gas to make the mob of people who are creating riots and wars to disperse from that place.

Social Journalism

What is Social Journalism?

Social journalism is the process in which professional journalists, contributors, and readers play an active role in delivering and maintaining the reports related to the latest happenings in a particular area. It takes place on social platforms or open publishing platforms like Twitter, WordPress, etc. There are few examples of collaboration between the professional journalists and local citizens which includes Forbes, Buzzfeed, Soapbox and Gawker, etc. The person involved in Social Journalism is called social media reporter responsible for forgiving informative content in media in the forms of blogs, microblogs, website content, etc.

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What is Participatory Journalism?

Participatory journalism is a kind of Citizen Journalism in which the people who are not even involved in journalism earlier like citizen journalist take active participation in giving the content related to the various happening and situations in particular area. It is also called Street Journalism. This kind of journalism arises in a critical condition where common man tends to furnish the report in the form of videos and other media so that everyone around gets to know about the prevailing situations like emergencies etc.

There are different media for citizen journalism. They are as follows:

  • Audience Participation: It is the activity of replying to something published in other words if any news in the form of written online content, video, news stories, personal blogs, or any picture is posted using mobile phones or cameras, etc, the reply in the form of comments discussing that particular situation is termed as Audience participation.
  • Independent News and Information Websites: There are various platforms which provide the news independently about specific events and circumstances. It includes Drudge reports and consumer reports etc.
  • Participatory News websites: These are dedicated news websites involved in giving and publishing news online on their sites that consists of a Ground report, Now republic and many more.
  • Collaborative and Contributory media sites: These includes the media sites which get collaborated or make the partnership with the dedicated media platforms and provide them the content needed to be related to news, latest happenings in the form of a report and video contents. They are not indulged in publishing on their own but works at a different level and can be said the helping hand to the participatory news websites. These include Slashdot, News vine, etc.
  • Personal Broadcasting sites: These are maintained personally by the individual or group of individuals contributions to news reports, contents and other valuable information which are sometimes however missed by the media operating in that particular area. They also tend to brief the specific content or work to give the local people respond to some situations. These include Ken Radio and many more personal broadcasting channels.

citizen journalism

What does roles citizen journalism play in elections?

Citizen Journalism plays an active role in the domain of journalism, and it keeps a keen eye on the various candidates, government happenings and other management bodies involved in elections. Few of the leading roles are as follows:

  • Giving the education to the voters about their democratic right and their related benefits.
  • Various kind of reporting takes place on the election campaigns done in that area. It merely makes the people aware of the various benefit parties are promising to the local people.
  • Citizen journalism becomes the standard platform for the various party members, local people, and the electorate to pass on their information and related contents to each other.
  • It also provides the platform to the local people to move on their concern about the particular situation, need of a specific thing in their area, other needs and wants of the local people to the parties concerned and the electoral management committees.
  • Allow the debate between the parties concerned and also involve the local people in those debates.
  • Monitoring the results and vote counts of the election held in particular areas.

Citizen journalism plays multiple roles in various segmentations as this is the voice of the local people who are communicating it through several mediums.