CNBC TV18 Partners With InVideo

The largest business news channel in India. CNBC TV18 partnered with InVideo to keep their audiences hooked on the digital platforms. CNBC TV18 used the flagship products InVideo Press and InVideo Custom to solve their problems. 


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Coming in second to none, CNBC-TV18 is the undisputed leader of business news in India. The channel was a trendsetter at the time of its inception, and it still leads the way. The TV channel has been a witness and a participant of the Indian economic story as it spearheads and mirrors India’s enterprising times.

To maintain its position as the most significant news channel in the nation, CNBC-TV18 wanted to revamp their social presence and website by generating video content for regular market updates and even trade analytics.

The idea was simple – Keep audiences hooked by giving them on-the-go information updates about the economic world, especially during important events in the year, like the 2019 Budget.

There were three kinds of videos that had to be created:

Video 1: Short News Stories
Short form videos that accurately delivered business and financial information along with critical insights to viewers.

Video 2: Market Wrap Videos
A recap which would be released 10 minutes after the stock market closed every day. These videos would summarize all the stock exchange activity that happened, every single day.

Video 3: Tactical Videos
A customized template that could be used to leverage key events in the year, like the Budget. This would create thumb-stopping video content, on the fly, as the development progressed.



The primary challenge here was to empower CNBC-TV18’s digital team and introduce them to an innovative and intuitive way of creative videos that would also increase efficiency while cutting costs at the same time.

The other challenges included ensuring that amidst the inception-creation-execution process of creating these digital-grade quality videos, the brand design remained intact.

Short News Stories had to be created in three different languages. Whereas, Market Wrap Videos had to be made end-to-end within 10 minutes.

The Tactical Videos for the budget had to be rolled out in three distinct frameworks, during and after the Finance Minister’s speech. We had to ensure that each of these videos kept pushing out the key points of the Finance Minister’s speech while maintaining the brand tonality.


The editing and design team of CNBC-TV18 were trained and coached on how to best use the intuitive user interface of InVideo Press. As they quickly grasped the workings of the platform, we ensure that our “Your Design = Your Brand” philosophy was followed through and through.

Several custom video design and templates were made after extensive research, and InVideo Press’ algorithm and custom language support allowed users to create videos in three separate languages.

For Market Wrap Videos, we created an exclusive InVideo dashboard for CNBC. Here they could log in to create the video and get them ready as per their daily requirement.

The dashboard design and interface were kept very simple and user-friendly as possible. We put more emphasis on getting the quality and accuracy of content right, which CNBC is known for.

For the Tactical Videos, during the Budget, we created three distinct frameworks in a matter of 4 days (including multiple rounds of feedback). We also scaled our servers to ensure that no video took longer than 5 minutes to render and deployed two dedicated account managers to stay on the ground while the entire event took place.

The result of which were eight essential videos dedicated to the Budget that went live on Social and their website, increasing their digital footprint and brand presence.







CNBC TV18 also plans to use InVideo Custom to showcase the quarterly results of the companies. The idea is to use InVideo as a digital system that integrates with all their internal systems. This will help CNBC to handle the TV stories seamlessly on digital platforms as well.