Considered as the world’s window to India and India’s window to the world, CNN-News18 is one of the country’s largest media houses that provides path-breaking stories on both TV and digital. With its viewership on the rise, it wanted to create a video for all their editorial series, and that’s why they collaborated with InVideo.


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CNN-News18 is one of India’s most awarded news channels and has a massive presence across a majority of regional areas as well. With a viewership that runs in millions, the channel caters to its audience by publishing incredible volumes of content every day across all mediums.

While they’ve been successful in carving out their own space in a cluttered environment on digital, mirroring the success they achieved on TV. They had trouble scaling up their video content and creating a video version of their editorial stories every day while also leveraging some of the crucial days in the year.

Our mission was to provide the CNN-News18 team with an end-to-end solution that allowed them to create digital-grade and quality videos as quickly as possible. These would include customized frameworks for daily videos and tactical events in the year.


The challenge was three-fold.

First, we had to introduce the CNN-News18 editorial team to the InVideo platform and help them be efficient enough with the tool to create videos on an everyday basis.

The second challenge was to ensure that no matter what the content of the video is, like business, politics, technology, etc. The brand’s identity wasn’t lost at any stage.

Finally, the third challenge was to provide them with a framework for Tactical Videos that would be used during important events, like the Budget. These included distinct frameworks, which picked out and highlighted the key points during the Finance Minister’s speech, on the fly, all the while maintaining the brand tonality.



First things first, we worked closely with the management team of CNN-News18 to align their business objectives and editorial objectives with our capabilities.

Once they realised how old-fashioned methods of editing videos were obsolete, they were eager to engage with our innovative, simple, fast and cost-effective way of creating the videos.

The first challenge hardly felt like one as the CNN-News18 team quickly grasped the intuitive functionalities of the InVideo platform. The easy to understand design allowed them to immediately begin working on bringing editorials to life.

We created custom templates and put them in place for the editorial team to use and create videos with. While creating these, we ensured that our philosophy of “Your Brand = Your Design” was followed through and through. InVideo’s smart technology automatically created frames, grids, animations, and borders that were required by the team.

InVideo’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm kicked in and started distinguishing the different styles of texts, separating quotes, questions and statements, so that the editing team could easily use and master creating quality videos for the brand.

We closely monitored the training of the editorial teams across various geographical locations so they could leverage the best practices and industry trends of video production.

During the Budget announcement, we created 3 distinct frameworks in a matter of 4 days (including multiple rounds of feedback). We also scaled our servers to ensure that no video took longer than 5 minutes to render and deployed a dedicated account manager to stay on the ground while the entire event took place.

The result of which was 32 key videos about the Budget (in both English and Hindi) that went live on Social and their website, increasing their digital footprint and brand presence.

Finally, we engineered an in-built video library that helped them create video stories from scratch even when they did not have pre-existing media. The library gave them access to over 10 million images and videos so that they could pick and choose the right one for the right story.

Custom Designs made by InVideo






While the brand has already achieved scale in terms of video production, now is the right time for them to continue the pursuit of putting out gold-standard videos. Our video experts and designers are working very closely with the editorial heads of News 18 to help them achieve the goal.