Why Brands Need Video at the Core of their Content Marketing Strategy?


It is a well-known fact that the most prominent and vital content type present on social media is video content. A video alone is enough to attract a large number of people. However, this is not reason enough for brands to adopt video content. Video content is the most effective platform to reach and influence your customers.

Content Marketing is vital for the growth of your brand

Content marketing is very different from traditional marketing. But, both  work towards spreading awareness about the brand, new products, and their use. But content marketing provides a uniqueness which is barely seen in traditional advertising.

Brands come up with authentic and innovative content for target audiences located in specific places. The most effective way to generate familiarity and brand loyalty is to focus on audiences which are actually interested in your product. This will in turn increase engagement.

To put it in simple words, video is an extremely powerful method to nurture budding relations with your online viewers. It gives marketers a perfect prospect to target human emotions. It also gives the audience a better way to connect with you. With the help of calls-to-action (CTAs) incorporated in a video, it permits the brands to lead the path of their audience. It could be a product page, brand’s website, new promotions, renewal page, etc.

Video Content Marketing reaches farther than social media

Social is not the only place your content marketing strategy will spread. With the help of a video, you can reach not only your audiences but also possible customers. All these users are not answering to direct ads as they did before. As opposed to direct ads, content marketing provides a chance for brands to create an honest, unique experience for their viewers. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of indirect branding by these viewers. 

Unique video content can also be used by one’s own website. Videos can be merged with blog posts, case studies, emails, etc. This, in turn, will help in establishing a connection between the user and your brand that is not transaction oriented.

Newsletters can be the most fitting place for videos. Chances of a newsletter being opened increase by 20% at the mention of the word video in the line of the subject.

Brands shouldn’t fixate on being viral

Let’s be honest if your marketing content gets immense popularity it is a pretty good thing. But, you should not limit your marketing strategy only to the number of hits it gets. Because being viral is something out of your control.

There are no definite set of rules for a viral video. So, the resources one puts in making a good quality video should be based solely on the interest of your target audience. Because you know best what they end up linking the most.

Your content should focus on your target audience and not the entire population. Sure your visibility increases by the number of views your video gets. But the more you make your video content for the masses, the more it strays from your brand’s message.

All in all, video is an extremely potent tool which gives a significant boost to your content marketing. Brands searching for new ways to increase their visibility and customer engagement should opt for video content marketing.


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