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When you do special things, you need special solutions. Custom helps you create the workflow that you need. We create new template designs matching the language of your brand.

Custom doesn’t mean that you need to work extra. We take every step to integrate with all your systems – CMS, Video Players, API, etc. So, you can go ahead and do more special things.    


How we Applied custom workflow for


Everyday after the closing bell, CNBC TV 18 creates a market wrap video. Market wrap videos have the latest numbers after the closing of the market. We integrated with CNBC TV 18’s systems, created custom workflows and designs. This helped them create these videos within minutes of the closing bell everyday.


Jansatta, a leading Hindi daily newspaper in India, puts out daily horoscopes (Rashiphal) in Hindi on their website. They wanted to create engaging videos for daily horoscopes for their digital platforms with minimal effort. We created custom workflow for them.

Aaj Tak

Stories that are explained with the help of photos are called photo-stories. These photo-stories are a new way to tell entertaining stories. Aaj Tak wanted to go one step ahead and tell these photo-stories through videos. We created an intelligent custom workflow that helped the editorial team to create videos out of photo-stories with just one click.

Markets Mojo

India’s first algorithm-based fin-tech research platform, MarketsMojo, analyses close to 4000 stocks on the exchange. They provide their customers with important insights on each stock. MarketsMojo wanted to automatically create captivating videos for all the 4000 stocks and host them on their website. 

Money Control is one of India’s foremost websites for managing money and getting business news online. They create market wrap videos with information like top gainers, top losers, stocks in news, stocks to look for. We integrated with’s APIs to fetch data directly. We created new designs and templates, and provided a custom workflow. Thus, helping them create market wrap videos automatically everyday.


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