Mobile Journalism: Grow Your Network

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When you are new to the playground, you need someone to show you around, introduce you to the good kids, and tell you to be aware of the bullies. This is precisely why you need a network to grow any industry. The community introduces you to the trends, new technology to look for, tips and feedback to better your work.

How are other people doing it?

It is essential to know how the big players are going about mobile journalism. The established media houses know that it is important to sit up and take notice of these shifts in journalism and technology.

Reading Resources

MOJO: The Mobile Journalism Handbook by Ivo Burum and Stephen Quinn

Mobile-First Journalism by Paul Bradshaw 

The Live-Streaming Handbook by Peter Stewart

Follow Blogs is a website that keeps sharing breaking news in general and also specific to mobile journalism. It also has a place to find freelance work.

You can also follow blogs like the school of journalism and MobileJournalism Manual. These blogs help you learn the technicalities of the trade and also keep you updated about what other people are doing in mobile journalism.

BBC Academy – BBC’s academic blog that covers all aspects of journalism.

SmartFilming  A blog by German mobile journalist Florian Reichart.

Communities to help you grow

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself updated in mobile journalism.


MoJoCon is the world’s first conference organized specifically for mobile journalists. They have a lot of talks by industry experts about emerging trends and the future of mobile journalism. This conference is held in Ireland by the RTE. Some of these talks can also be found on YouTube.

#mojofest community group

This is a facebook group that was created by Glen Mulcahy, the organizer of the MoJoCon, to have a place for mobile journalists to exchange ideas and support. It is a public group, and you can send in a request to join. It currently has around 5000 members.

Follow the pioneers

Here are a few twitter handles you can follow. These talk about the latest news, new tools, apps, and trends in mobile journalism.

1.Mark Blank-SettleMark Blank-Settle is the specialist in mobile journalism for the BBC Academy. He is a trainer in mobile journalism and keeps sharing a lot of new updates and apps.

2.Yusuf Omar He has been awarded for his vision in using social media to report news and bringing important topics of discussion to the forefront. He also organizes workshops and lectures to further the cause of mobile journalism.

3.AJ+ is an online news channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network. It publishes news directly on social media platforms. They have no anchors and run news from all categories and countries. They are a channel for the connected generation and by the connected generation.

4.Glen Mulcahy He has had a significant role in the growth of mobile journalism. He is the founder of MoJoCon , the world’s first conference for mobile journalists. You can also follow the twitter handle MoJoFest to get updates about the mobile journalism festival.

5.Philip Bromwell – Another reputed mobile journalist associated with RTE News in Ireland.

6.Thomson Foundation – This is a not-for-profit media development organization based in London. It helps train journalists in developing countries.


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