Marketing managers play a vital role to get success in the complicated world of business. They help in developing a customer base and in creating the brand identity of a company. They are capable of identifying the market of any service or product and developing the right tactics on when, where or how to convey the brand message. Nowadays, marketing has become a pervasive field of career. You may also have a dream of becoming a marketing manager in a company. However, the question is- how much do these marketing managers earn? Marketing managers’ salary is different, based on various factors, like the specialty, region and company type.

In every country, the salary range of marketing managers is different. We have talked about the annual income of these professionals in various countries.

Salary of Marketing managers in the USA

Marketing Manager

USA companies have employed several marketing managers. Most of the organizations give a high value to these professionals. The average yearly earning of any American company is $128K. However, education, location, and skills affect the salary level. In New York, California and San Jose, the salary ranges from $187,890 to $207,000 per year. Marketing managers, employed in oil and gas, IT and security, get a very high salary.

Entry-level marketing managers earn $66,090 in every year. The junior ones get $91,420 as yearly income. The annual income of experienced professionals is $128,750 per annum. Most of the marketing managers in the USA have a bachelor’s degree. You may have more qualifications and skills to get a better salary.

Your specialty also affects your salary. For instance, email marketing managers may get a minimum of $62,750 per year. The marketing managers in the e-commerce field earn $76,500 per year.

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Salary of Marketing managers in the UK

Marketing manager

The potential marketing managers find several job ads in the UK. Every week, you can find new jobs for the post of marketing managers. The average salary of marketing managers in the city of London is about £42,245. The amount is higher than the average wage of any marketing managers in the UK. However, the best fact is that the salary level of these professions is on the rise every year. Let us have a brief look at the marketing managers’ salary in the UK.

The average salary in Wiltshire is £45,215, while in Berkshire it is £42,720. In Luton, the marketing managers get £36,894, while in Surrey it is £39,112.

Salary of Marketing managers in Japan

Japan is one of the countries, where you can find marketing manager jobs for various candidates. The entry-level candidates have an opportunity of earning ¥4,083,248 on every year. The experienced ones in a reputed company may get ¥7,102,346. Thus, increase your skills and experience to have a higher salary.

Salary of Marketing managers in Singapore

As one of the Singaporeans, you have a chance to get an average salary of S$67,766 for the job of marketing managers. Those, who have the highest experience, will have S$76,000.

Salary of Marketing managers in Australia

Marketing manager

The marketing managers also get high value in Australian companies. Your average salary may be AU$77,919 per annum. For the best performance, you will also earn a bonus of AU$740 to AU$20,208

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Salary of Marketing managers in India

In India, the average salary level of any professional marketing manager of a company is Rs 11,00,000. With an experience of 5 years or less, the manager may earn. Rs 490,000. However, with over 20 years’ experience, you will have Rs 994,000 as your annual income.

Thus, marketing management is one of the most profitable career options in most of the countries. You may take steps to become one of the successful marketing managers in your country or abroad. Nowadays, it has become easy to run various online marketing programs. You may use Invideo to create a video for your video marketing programs. You should also acquire other skills to be a marketing manager.