This age and era demand and knows the importance of social media presence. Do you want to be successful? You want to be seen or heard? Do you want to make a difference? The best and fastest way is to run personal ads on social media. Now let’s talk about the most used platform apart from Google, obviously – Youtube. 

Youtube has the most number of users compared to any other social media platform, which makes its biggest platform to brand yourself. It is so huge that every type of content creator finds their type of audience. It helps in boosting up your business or in other cases, you! It gives you a platform to become a known face. Think of it as your free and personal PR personnel. 

Editing Personal Ad Videos

How To Use Youtube To Yield Maximum Results? 

1. Getting Started- When you sign up into Youtube, you by default have a personal account that you can change to another option which is the Brand Account. Brand Account is recommended for people who want to start their own Youtube channel and earn some revenue from it. The first step is to select a channel name and an icon. This small thumbnail will be the face of your channel, so I’d advise you to choose it wisely. Now for the channel banner, which is another cool feature, it is best to select a resolution image as youtube has different layouts on different devices. Next is the channel description that gives a brief of your content followed by the channel trailer, which does the same work but visually.

2. Be Clear – Before you start creating your content, you need to think about what you want to offer and how it will be different from what is already there. You need to think about your audience. If you keep changing the category of your content, you will keep losing a lot of subscribers. Here, consistency is the key. 

3. Creating Content- It is pretty simple to upload a video, and you don’t even need any expensive, over-priced video editors to get started. Youtube offers video editing, which is extremely user-friendly. The newer version of video editing that it provides is the Youtube Studio (Beta) which has made it even simpler. Now you can edit everything from audio and caption to visuals all in one place. It also has a page where you can check detailed analytics of the last 28 days to keep track of your progress.

4. Posting Content – Now that you have edited your video, it is ready to be uploaded. Click on upload video on your Channel Dashboard. Don’t forget to write an appropriate title for your video. Be precise as the title attracts the audience. Another thing that attracts an audience is a thumbnail of the video. Some people don’t even bother to read the title, and that’s why you need to choose the thumbnail very wisely. The last step is to fill in the description. Apart from the content description, you should always add credits to whosoever it’s due. You can also insert links of your blog or your website to attract the audience. 

5. Promoting the Channel – Don’t worry, your content will reach people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t quicken the process. How can you make your channel successful in less amount of time? If you’re willing to spend some money, which I assure you will be an investment, you can choose to do paid promotions that are Advertisement. Another method could be collaborating with another channel. You can choose someone that makes similar kind of videos or to make things more interesting you can also want someone who has a completely different type of content. If scripted wisely, it can be an entertaining and interesting video to watch. 

6.  Be Consistent – Now how do you make sure you don’t have a setback? You have to stay consistent! Make sure you have a schedule so that it is easy for your subscribers to look forward to your next video. Be disciplined and follow that schedule. Always offer new content. That does not mean you change your forte. Your content should always be what your channel describes but with fresher ideas and newer information. 

7. Stay Connected – It is very important to engage with your audience and stay connected with them to keep and attract more people. Replying to their comments and feedback in a positive and balanced way is necessary. Giveaways are also an excellent idea to engage with people. It can also become a way to promote your brand’s products by giving away samples and merchandise. 

8. Be Adaptable- You need to adapt with time. Especially now that everything is changing so rapidly, it is important to be up to date and keep on having a newer version of your channel. You can change your channel icon, banner and even channel name if need be. It is important to give your channel a make-over now and then but not so frequently that the subscribers get confused. 

Show the world the best version of yourself. Be authentic. Be original. Users respond more to people who are themselves in front of the camera. Perfect is boring. Flawed is relatable. The chances of you becoming a celebrity overnight are slim, but you should never be discouraged. It takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work to be successful. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of the camera and show to the world your true self. A lot of people will appreciate your contribution, and that makes it all worth it. A lot of people end up getting a lot of paid projects and collaborations too with time. It works as your CV in a way. With the help of InVideo, you can easily gain the upper hand by making use of our online video editing and online video slideshow making services! Take advantage of Youtube as much as possible. You’re all set to brand yourself!