Technologies have made our tasks easier in every field. The journalists have also realized it while doing their everyday activities. One of the regular jobs of journalists is to conduct and record interviews. They can use various apps and devices for this recording process. In the past, the journalists used to look for the transcription services for transcribing their recorded files. However, instead of hiring these services, it is better to invest in transcription tools.

What are the transcription tools?

The transcription process helps the professionals to save much time. Journalists, students, podcasters and lawyers get benefitted from transcription tools. Thus, as one of these professionals, you can increase the overall productivity with the conversion of interviews or speeches into text. The automatic transcription is one of the significant advantages of these tools. You can accomplish the transcription process within a few minutes. The dictation engine of the tools converts the speech to the exact text. However, your chosen tools may support particular languages.

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Most of the novice reporters and journalists do not have high skills in the live recording. The transcription apps are the most time-saving options for them. Some of these reliable apps auto-save the transcribed content.

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What is video transcription?

Video transcription indicates a process to translate the video content into the readable form of text. The video may be news footage, speech, webinar, film or any other digital video. Some of us think that we can transcribe just the spoken words of the video. However, in the process of video transcription, you may also focus on other related parts, including the music or sound effects. This transcription also comprises the visual components, like the gestures. While anyone reads the transcription, he will fully understand the content of the video.

It is much more comfortable and highly appealing to transcribe the videos, as you have a chance of seeing what is there in the content. Now, while talking about the video transcription apps, we have to mention the name of Invideo. This is one of the online tools to help you in creating attractive and customized videos for any purpose. Use the features of Invideo to make all types of videos. You can then use a transcription app to transcribe the videos, created with Invideo. Thus, online tools make all the tasks more accessible to you.

Some reliable transcription tools are:


You can use this comprehensive platform for transcribing and editing content. With ninety-five percent accuracy rate, Trint takes 2 minutes to accomplish the full process. From the file uploading process to the transcribed content development, everything is over within a short time. At first, you can try out the free trial version (continues for thirty minutes). Then, you may rely on the premium service ($0.25 per minute). Trint’s interface can work to various file formats. You may send the transcribed content to any person through email.

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Rev is one of the fastest working, user-friendly platforms, providing you with the transcription service. The price rate for the transcription service is $1 per minute. While you have placed your order, Rev’s website can calculate the rate automatically by determining your file size. You will get the transcribed content through the email. The best fact is that there are real people to transcribing your file, and thus, you will get a reliable result from it. The overall turnaround time is twenty minutes or less than that. You can find ninety-eight percent accuracy in the outcome. You will not find any missing phrase in the output, and thus, Rev offers impressive results to you.

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Temi is one of the computer-powered apps, offering you transcribed content. For the smooth and fast transcription process, you can rely on this app. Its ninety-four percent accuracy rate pleases most of the users. As a journalist, you can try out the free version of the app. This app transcribes your first four files at free of cost. For the premium solution, the price rate is $0.10 per minute. The speed of this app is also high. For 20-minute audio, it is 60 seconds for analysis. It is effortless to upload the file, and you can accomplish the process with four clicks.

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Several journalists have relied on this free online app for the transcription of the recorded interviews. You may enter any YouTube link or upload your video or audio files. There are keyboard shortcuts, helping you in various functions, like pausing, timestamp inserting or jumping backward. You won’t have to download this video transcription software, as it works in your browser.

oTranscribe is capable of transcribing any file, like WAV or MP3 file. Add your data and start to play it. All the things get stored automatically in the cache of your browser.


When you are looking for the human-operated transcription tool, you can choose Scribie. Its speed is 36 hours, and this app is best for those, who have no time-related concern. There is a 98% accuracy rate in this app. To get the premium service, you have to pay $0.60 per minute. This is much similar to Rev, as the human transcribers do the work of identifying the acronyms. In a few cases, you may find omissions of words. However, it will not affect the overall meaning of your content. We think this is one of the low-priced options, available for you.

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Thus, we have listed the best transcription software for you. As a journalist, you may choose any of these apps. Accuracy is one of the significant features of the high quality of these transcription apps. Moreover, you may check the speed of the transcription software. The highest accuracy is always desirable to users. Thus, whether you have created a video with Invideo or any other tool, you can transcribe the content with the above apps. Choose the free or premium version of these apps to get the transcribed material.