Videos are one of the most useful tools to show potential customers the products and services we offer in our business. According to recent studies, those users who watch a video about the product in which they are interested are twice as willing to buy it. Also, this type of content is more likely to be shared on social networks. So the impact is much higher than the publication of a written article.

However, for a promo video to be attractive, it is essential that it transmits professionalism. And that we can convey the message as clearly as possible. And to make it easier for you, today we are going to give you some tips on how to make a promotional video. That way you can maximize your investment.

The marketing strategy of your company must include video because of the ability of this medium to connect with customers. A video educates and invites action. And if you do not have a communication team in your company that can generate audiovisual content all the time, do not worry. Use the daily activities of your organization to promote your brand.
If the company was invited to an event or is testing the functions of a new product that will soon launch on the market, you can make a video for video marketing that allows you to show how active your brand is. But beware, having few resources is not synonymous of unfocused shots and boring testimonies. The magic of InVideo makes it easy to build promotional videos.

How to make a promo video with music?

Some of the best tips and list of promo video ideas are:


Before starting to record, it is essential that you take time to think about what you are most interested in highlighting your business. And your identity sign is what makes you different. Creating a guide or a sketch with the images that you are going to can help you visualize the idea better.

Promo video

If you want your video to have a more professional result, the ideal is to use a particular camera for video. We also recommend that you use a tripod to prevent the camera from moving. On the other hand, you must decide if you want to include music or if you prefer someone to speak. If your video is going to be directed to people from different countries, it is best to add music. But if you decide that someone is talking, make sure you use a good microphone.

Promo video

To convey professionalism, the place where the video is to recorded should be well lit. If necessary, add a fill light that provides a natural, bright finish and eliminates shadows. However, it should be noted that you have used artificial light. If there is no justified reason for this, leave the camera still and make the scene unfold only in the marked box.

Promo video


If you have followed these tips, you probably do not need to include too many special effects. You can use transitions, fades, dissolutions or displacements using a promo video maker such as InVideo to get the result more dynamic. But try not to abuse them, as this can end up ruining an excellent promotional video. Bet for simplicity, since it always transmits more professionalism. If one build video using many promo video templates, then it is easy to edit them.

Promo video

When choosing the music for the promotional video by using a promotional video maker, think about the message you want to convey. Music can reinforce the content if used judiciously. Ideally, try different melodies until you find the most appropriate one. Of course, keep in mind the audience you are targeting and the environment in which it recorded.
But if you do not have the vital equipment or you are a little lost, and you do not know how to make a promotional video that gives good results do not worry. In InVideo, we have a team of experts in the creation of promotional videos. You have to tell us what you want, and we will make it happen. So whether you are an SME or a large company, it does not matter since our low-cost videos are always affordable for all budgets. What are you waiting for to make your promotional video and increase sales of your business?

Adding Music To Promo video

Choose a video style

By this point, you must have your goal, form, tone, and duration resolved. The next thing to look at will be the visual style of the video. The style of your video can come to life in many different ways in terms of visual, but here are some general ideas which you should know:

  • Animated – Illustrated. It is brought to life through animation (2D, 3D, etc.).
  •  Real people – With actors who play the characters you’ve created. This may or may not include dialogue (it depends on your script).
  • Live action: Combines real-life images with animation elements or special effects.
  • Screencast – It is a digital recording of a computer screen that often contains some demonstration.
  • Blackboard – It is similar to a screencast, except imagine a hand holding a marker while writing on a whiteboard (it can be any writing instrument/writing medium). It is usually used to write a message (directing the story with visual text), create drawings, etc.
  • Phone/tablet/ app – It is again similar to screencast, but you are showing something specific on the device (such as a website in motion, an action such as clicking on an icon, etc.).

Promo video

To make a decision what makes sense for your video marketing, believe of steps 1 to 4 (your goal, creative direction, tone, and period). Do this as all of these factors will finally influence the visual style you choose.

All right, right now you’ve done a lot of the pre-planning work that we hope will prepare you for success. Now is the time to start drawing your idea!