Are you looking forward to making a real estate investment? Real estate investment is regarded as a major investment in life. If you are looking forward to making a lucrative real estate investment in life, it is high time that you should be aware of the latest real estate investment trends. The latest trends are referred to as the perfect mixture of both positive as well as negative developments in the given industry. 

For the beginners, the real estate property prices continue to increase –driven by a wide range of factors. Some of the major factors include the continuous economic downturn and the emergence of the new buyer’s demographic. In this post, we will help you unravel some of the latest trends associated with the real estate investment market in 2020.

Top Trends in Real Estate Marketing 2020

As a realtor, you are expected to promote the given real estate property in order to expect maximum profits. With the advent of Internet technology and its wide range of applications, marketing efforts in every possible industry vertical –including the real estate industry, have skyrocketed significantly. As far as the real estate industry is concerned, here are some of the latest marketing trends that you should look into:

Video Marketing: Video marketing has become the buzzword in the recent past. It appears that in the year 2020, it is finally going to take off –especially in the real estate industry. Nearly 80 per cent or more of the real estate marketers aim at using videos or intro maker for YouTube to draw the attention of the target audience.

You can come across a wide number of feature-rich YouTube intro maker tools like InVideo out there that provide the ease of highlighting the major aspects of any real estate property through an interactive video. Video marketing using a free YouTube intro maker tool like InVideo helps in creating trust and providing value. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the overall online exposure –in case you have an online presence.

Social Media Marketing: It is no surprise that a wide number of realtors make use of social media marketing platforms to promote a given property or landmark. Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and others, allow you to share the respective real estate listings while providing content to the existing as well as potential clients. Moreover, it also helps in amplifying your brand as a reputed real estate service provider. If you are not using social media marketing, you might be missing out significantly on a major opportunity.

Real Estate Photography: Another vital marketing tool that has been at the forefront of significant market growth in the real estate industry is the concept of real estate photography. Whether you are using some video editor or a photo editing tool, there is no denying the importance of high-quality images of the property listings for your real estate agency or services. 

As per a recent study, it was observed that back in 2015, around 35 per cent of the real estate agents across the globe were utilizing the concept of pro photography. Recently, in 2019, this number has skyrocketed to reach as much as 88%. With a massive amount of income as well as business flowing on the line with how you are presenting the real estate homes or properties to the target audience, it is high time that you think about leveraging the same.

Make the most of the right real estate marketing technique to ensure maximum profits and increased ROI. When you tend to deliver personalized services to the clients, positive results will be on your way soon enough!