Very often a traditional slideshow presentation does not suffice the needs of a presenter. There will be situations when such video slideshows would bring out more content for the audience. This is perfect for not only any professional presentation but is also a great way to share your favourite holiday moments with your dearest friends and families. One huge advantage of using a video slideshow is that it is customizable to the extent that music, as well as graphics, could be added to your slideshow. All of these are very much possible with an easy and free slideshow maker like InVideo. 

So, the question now is how can you create an effective video slideshow with an easy slideshow maker like InVideo? 

Sign in to InVideo for free

The first step is that you have to sign in and get access to InVideo. It is a software that would assist you in making a complete video slideshow for free. It is a free slideshow maker. Even in the free version, you will have access to all the editing tools and features. You would also be provided with over 100 curated templates to start with. This is spectacular for a free version of the software.

Gather a bunch of pictures

Once you have signed into the software, you need to gather a bunch of pictures that you would be using for creating your video slideshow. You should at least have a minimum of 30 pictures that you can put into the slideshow. The choice of pictures also matters a lot since your entire presentation would depend on those pictures. A good set of pictures would lead you to success while a poor choice of pictures could lead you to failure. Additionally, the order in which you submit the pictures into the software also matters tremendously. You don’t want the picture holding the climax of the presentation to arrive ahead of all pictures.

Choose good music to be played

A good choice of music is very essential for a successful video slideshow presentation. The music would be played in the background. Although it does not directly affect the presentation, it sets the tone of the presentation and affects the audience’s mood subconsciously. You must have noticed that in good movies, the background music is always in sync with the sequence of events happening in the movie. A climax scene would always have background music that would cause an adrenaline rush while the ending scenes would have music that would usually be serene. Hence, background music sets the tone of the presentation and is one of the most important aspects of a slideshow presentation. 

Proper Editing of the Slides

Once you have decided what background music to run, you need to decide how you want to edit the slides and the video. Editing is one of the biggest aspects of making a video slideshow. Generally, you need to have the proper training to edit photos and videos as well as music. However, easy slideshow makers like InVideo make it extremely easy to create and edit photos, videos and music even for amateurs and beginners in video editing. Hence, InVideo will assist you in editing the videos and music i.e. cutting of music, adjusting the lighting, brightness, sharpness of the pictures. It would also help you with adding various forms of graphics which would make your video slideshow much more attractive. 

Putting it all together

Once, everything is done i.e. selection of photos, editing of photos, selection of music to be put in the background, etc. the task at hand is to put it all together. This is usually the toughest part of the entire task however, with the help of easy slideshow makers and video slideshow makers like InVideo, this can be done literally by anyone. Hence, once you have done this, you would have the most effective video slideshow ready.


With the help of InVideo, making good quality, effective video slideshows has become as easy as any. Earlier, either you would have to hire a professional or you would have to learn all these to make quality presentations involving video slideshows. But gone are those days. Today, with the help of InVideo, anyone can make such good quality video slideshows without any issues and can succeed at your professional presentation or at impressing your friends and families.