Be it a business pitch for an investment or a sales pitch for customers or even a college project, it is extremely essential to prepare and deliver presentations that connect to the audience. A good presentation is an important key to success. It would determine whether your company gets the next big order or whether you would receive your next raise or even a promotion. Whatever be the occasion, an easy slideshow maker would always help you in preparing the perfect presentation. An easy slideshow maker like InVideo will help you in building the presentation most efficiently and effortlessly. Using an uncomplicated slideshow maker, one should try and create the perfect presentation. 

Very often, people make common mistakes while building presentations or delivering them which leads to them not getting the order for their business or their promotion even after using an easy slideshow maker. Below are some pointers which can help you make a fantastic presentation.

Don’t make your presentation boring

One of the biggest mistakes that people often make is that they fill up the presentation with too much information and facts making it boring. You don’t want to be that person. Filling up the presentation with too many facts at times becomes too much for the audience to take in at once. You want to keep your audience hooked into the presentation. So, you need to provide a matter that would keep them engaged with your presentation. For example, you could add videos using a video slideshow maker or you could do a slideshow with music. InVideo provides various inbuilt options for making your presentation extremely interesting. You could even add humour by sometimes passing on a few jokes in between your presentation. This would enlighten the mood of your audience and would also keep them engaged in your presentation. 

Fill in the text keeping your audience in mind

A significant part of any presentation is text. The text formulation can break or make your presentation. Hence, it is very important to choose the text with utmost care including the font features. The font should be appropriate depending on your kind of presentation. Also, filling up the presentation with too many words and sentences often distract the audience. They get confused between listening to the presenter and reading the presentation. Hence, there should be a minimal amount of text in the presentation. The use of minimal text with an easy slideshow maker could help further engaging with the audience.

Do thorough research about your presentation

Nothing is a bigger embarrassment than standing in front of your audience and not knowing what to say next. You try to remember what you were going to say but your brain completely blanks out and you don’t know what to say next. You should do thorough research on the topic of your presentation. Not only would it help you not fumble throughout the presentation, but it would also boost your confidence for the next presentations as well. Hence, you should always thoroughly prepare for your presentations and also do a couple of mock presentations.

Focus on the design details

Design is one of the most important parts of a presentation that an easy slideshow maker would help you with. There are many free slideshow makers which would help you with the design details. There are various rules regarding how one should design his presentation. For example, the use of bright colours should be optimal. Too much usage of bright colours is also off-putting. Similarly, the lack of bright colours makes the presentation dull. Also, you should be consistent with the font throughout your presentation. Additionally, make sure your text is aligned and neat. Using InVideo, you can adjust your graphics and design patterns at ease. 

Use the 10-20-30 second rule for the presentation

This tip was given by Guy Kawasaki of Apple regarding the slide show presentations. The rules are:

1. The presentation should contain no more than 10 slides. 

2. It shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes


Using all these above pointers, one can make a fantastic presentation using an easy slideshow maker like InVideo. It is very important to make note of the common mistakes that presenters make to avoid them in your presentation. Making sure to avoid these mistakes along with the help of InVideo would enable you to make a fantastic presentation and help you get the next big order or the next promotion.