Entertaining the guests at a wedding is quite a responsibility for the bride and groom and their respective families. You want your wedding guests to be delighted to attend this joyous occasion. One of the best ways to keep wedding guests elated is by displaying a wedding slideshow. 

During rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, guests at your wedding would love to be engrossed in a slideshow that showcases some photographs and short videos. They can show the sweetest childhood memories, the beautiful romance between the bride and the groom, and the amazing bond shared among their friends and family members. To make a perfect wedding slideshow, use InVideo’s wedding slideshow maker. 

How to Use a Wedding Slideshow Maker?

For most of us, weddings are a once in a lifetime event, so there’s no doubt that you’re likely to be new to wedding slideshows and how a wedding slideshow maker works. So, to help you get a quick hands-on training on how to use the software, follow the simple steps stated below:

Step 1: Choose the Slideshow Maker Software

The first step towards making a perfect wedding slideshow is getting an easy slideshow maker software. The InVideo slideshow maker is preloaded with multiple tools and features that help you make innovative and interesting slideshows. 

Step 2: Select your Photos

The best part of making a wedding slideshow is choosing the photos that’d go in it. First, you need to gather all the photographs, collections and albums that you have in your house. For example, childhood images of the bride and groom and even close relatives. Due to the absence of digital cameras in your childhood, these photographs are not going to be available in digital formats. But, with the help of InVideo’s online slideshow maker tools, you can convert them into digital formats such as PNG and JPEG. This way, they can become compatible with the InVideo wedding slideshow maker that you’re using. 

Step 3: Upload the selected Photos

You’d need an online slideshow maker to upload these photos. You can compile the photographs of romantic moments, candid expressions, and childhood memories to create an order in which these photographs would be displayed. You can even rearrange these photographs and even add effects for transitions.  

Step 4: Add a Music to the Slideshow

Another interesting part of using InVideo’s easy slideshow maker is its wonderful features. A photo slideshow maker with music options can make the photos feel more personal and intimate when supported by the right background music. 

Step 5: Select and Upload a Video

In addition to the photo slideshow maker with music, you’d also need InVideo’s video slideshow maker with video integration features. It is commonly found that people love watching a collage of photographs followed by a montage of short videos. With the use of the video slideshow maker, you can compile your favourite home videos and personal videos. These videos could show your childhood events and some beautiful romantic encounters. You can upload them on the video slideshow maker and use the available tools from the wedding slideshow maker to add them to your overall wedding slideshow. 

Step 6: Save, Export and Watch the Slideshow 

Once your wedding slideshow is ready, run it on InVideo to check if it progresses smoothly or not. The video maker software can fix issues of delay or glitches instantly. With the help of InVideo, you can save and export your wedding slideshow under different file formats. 

Key Tips on Wedding Slideshows

Now that you know how to use InVideo to make awesome wedding slideshows, you should also keep these two essential tips in mind. First, choose the appropriate photographs and videos. You do not want to show moments that are too intimate or personal to your friends, family members, and other wedding guests. Second, select the correct file format and display properties while saving and exporting the slideshow. It will avoid any software or hardware incompatibility during the wedding and ensure that no technical issue stops the slideshow from being displayed. So, get started right away!