Nowadays, people are storing their moments and sharing in different forms such as pictures, videos, photo slideshow with music, and many more. Usually, people go for photo slideshow with music because it is one of the best ways of collecting memories uniquely. Photo slideshow with music is also a fantastic way to express your feelings Some are posting it on their social media account so that others get to know their talent for making such a beautiful piece. 

There are different slideshow maker tools available and you must go for the best tool to make an incredible photo slideshow with music. Most importantly, you need not have any professional education to learn how to make a photo slideshow with music. Online slideshow maker applications and tools are a boon for you if you are willing to learn such creative art. 

Before starting the process of photo slideshow with music, we need to look for the appropriate music track that you can add your slideshow. Firstly, you should search for some tunes on the internet or you can use pre-existing music lists available on the InVideo website. Pick a song that works for you.

Learn to make a photo slideshow with music by following the given procedure: 

Firstly, go to the slideshow maker tool to start your project. 

Choose all the photos that you want to insert in the slideshow. Apart from that, you can choose the song or background music, video clips, text, emoticons, etc. and you can insert that too in the slide. Here at InVideo, you get free images or stickers which can make your slideshow more appealing. 

By using our tools, you get a chance to represent the media in various formats. You can customize the layout or can use the pre-existing layouts of InVideo. 

You can add text or some quotes to illustrate the story of the picture. In fact, without music also you can effectively spread your message by adding only text. 

You can add your voice by recording it and explain your picture’s story as the audience is watching a movie. You can simply record the voice in your cell phone or PC by clicking on the mike button showing up in the slideshow maker tool. Or you have an option to add the music that is on your list or available on the app list.  

Make your slideshow more attractive with pre-existing themes in the tool. Themes can put life in your slideshow because it controls the overall look of the slide. Here, you can see the ‘Themes’ option, simply click on it and select the theme from the given list, or you can even customize it. 

Once you decide everything like photos, songs, themes, text, etc. simply finish the slideshow, and you can share it directly to various platforms such as social media, email to yourself or others, or you can even save it to the mobile phone or PC.

One of the best photo slideshows with music platforms that you can use is InVideo. A few of its characteristics are the following that makes it more popular: 

InVideo photo slideshow maker assists users to make an impressive video or presentation by using various customizable tools such as text options, effects, templates, stickers, and shapes, etc.

It is easy to save slideshow files in different formats of file such as mov, .MPEG, .AVI, or .MP4 etc. so it becomes easy for a user to access it on other platforms like Windows PC, iOS, Android, etc. 

It is easy to transform all your precious memories into eye-catching slideshow videos. 

You can make slideshows of photos of your special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and make them more memorable. A slideshow is the best way to convey your feelings and thoughts among others.