When you are looking to create a dazzling slide show and bring the necessary edge to your next presentation, you need to pick the right template. The templates form the background of any slideshow and just like a painting or a photograph, they help to keep the focus of the viewer on the main subject. InVideo is an easy slideshow maker that provides a whole range of slideshow templates along with a whole range of effective features. The best part of InVideo is that it offers an innovative platform that allows you to get creative without losing focus on the theme and structure of the presentation.

The era of the video is here and it is time to say goodbye to the age-old features of Powerpoint. The right video slideshow maker application will not only make your presentation stunning but will also help in attracting the most eyeballs. Before taking a look at some of the best slideshow templates, let us take a brief look at some of the advantages of creating a presentation with the help of InVideo.

Advantages of Slideshow making through InVideo

Using an online slideshow maker is quite simple and it can generate quality videos with a few minutes.

1. You can choose the necessary animation styles that will suit the images and the overall presentation.

2. You can choose colour schemes as required to create the best match with the overall presentation.

3. Pre-rendered animations can be used, along with features like stickers, background overlays and bokeh effects.

4. There are options to choose the video format and the music along with customizable features for every aspect.

The best video slideshow templates

Apart from being an easy slideshow maker, InVideo also offers a whole range of exciting templates to choose from.

The Trip Planner: This is the right template for travel-related promotions. The background images, the music and the overall feel of the template make it perfect to present the latest travel plans or travel-related ideas to the team.

Travel Adventure: Designed for travel portals with a taste for adventure and heading towards less-traveled routes, this template has the right balance between classy and appealing. Any slideshow related to exciting travel ideas will fit perfectly into this.

World Energy Conservation: This template has the right feel to serve for any business presentation related to energy generation or energy appliances. The theme of energy conservation makes it relevant as well as thematically perfect for sending out the right message.

Smokey Flavour: This template provides the right combination of sounds and images to attract the attention of the gourmets. Any presentation related to food and restaurants will look perfectly appetizing in this format.

Christmas Celebration Party: This template has been designed to deliver the best offers and deals for Christmas in the most effective manner. Whatever ideas you want to present to the team to make the best use of the festive season, this template will be the right choice for it.

Brand Introduction: When you are introducing your brand through a presentation in front of business associates, it needs to make the right impact. This smartly designed template has the right touch of elegance to make the intro look great from all aspects.

Health fact checks: For any photo slideshow with music related to awareness about medical services, this template will bring the right mood and ambiance.

Feed a Kid: Anyone looking to make a presentation to attract donations for a voluntary organisation or an NGO, a presentation can make the right impact with this template. Balancing the themes of compassion, human suffering, and kindness, this template is the right choice to attract new faces to your cause.

New Year Greetings: Looking to share your brand’s New Year objectives with your team along with the best wishes? This template has the right framework to fit your messages perfectly and create the right slideshow that you need.

Welcome: While planning to welcome new team members and introducing them to the rules and customs of your company, you need the right presentation in the right template. This theme is perfectly suited to help you create the right one.

These are the best slideshow templates that InVideo offers along with a whole range of others. So next time you are searching online for a free slideshow maker, try InVideo for the finest options to create the best presentations.