An Online video slideshow maker is a tool for creating slideshows used in different types of fields like Business Marketing, Small business, Weddings, Personal use, Pro photography, Education and in other sectors. It tells stories in a much more efficient way than normal presentations. For such purposes, you can use online slideshow makers. InVideo’s video slideshow maker is a free slideshow maker which can be a great tool where you do not need to install anything or read a long manual to understand how the program works which greatly reduces the amount of spent time. Here are a few tips on how to enhance your video slideshow to make it more likable.

1. Story Development:

When coming to the presentation of the slideshow video you need to follow a sequence, pattern or context to make the audience get into the soul of the context. For that, we need a Story and it helps a lot so that the audience can visualize the exact context or decree. So, you should develop a story to represent your content through images, videos and so on. For example, if you want to describe and make a slideshow of your world tour you need to prepare a set of patterns. You need to come from the starting point like –

a. How many places you have visited?

b. How did you manage the time?

c. What about your food & shelter?

d. How many days did you spend in each place?

e. Did you planned for a beautiful photo collection and so on.

The way you build the story context results in how the audience feels. Therefore, the story plays the main role in any video or photo slideshow. You can easily get help on story ideas from InVideo’s video slideshow maker.

2. A good theme, title, and presence:

A Good theme in your photos and videos and adding some colours to the margins, borders, header and footer in your slideshow brings a good look but in a required amount. Mostly, the colour you select matters a lot and the colour should not affect your music you and the image tone. So, for soft music and toned images light coloured themes are preferable and for hard music and rough images dark coloured themes are preferable.

A good screen presence in my point is the slide show should not have any gaps or fade-in and fade-out, the lesser the amount of fade-In and Out’s the lesser the distraction in the audience. Also to achieve a good screen presence one should have good knowledge of using updated design layouts, raw images, and frame rates and all the effects and transitions. InVideo’s video slideshow maker is an easy slideshow maker that easily balances out everything for your video. These scenarios should be equally balanced and maintained by the slideshow presenter.

3. High-quality pictures are preferable:

A High-Quality picture brings you High-Quality Output. Images or Videos with high/equal resolution such as 1440 X 1080 Pixels bring out the best quality output. Moreover, the best quality means more than a resolution. The best picture means both the Image/Video should not contain any blur or shake, no overexposure and output should be well-composed.

4. Good music that adds accentuation to your presentation: 

Music can make us live in peace, brings a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Music also allows us to feel all the emotions that we feel in our lives. A good photo slideshow with music adds up a good rhythm and activates the audience’s minds to get into the context of the presentation. High-Quality sound makes it more suitable, clear and audible and more comfortable to the audience for listening. 

5. A good pace gives your presentation a good timeline:

The duration of each slide plays an important role in the presentation of a slideshow video. To my knowledge, 4s-10s ideal range of slide duration is the best way of presenting a video slideshow. That means you should not have more than 13-15 pictures for a one-minute slideshow, either less than 7 pictures. If the video is too short, the user will be too busy to read the information on each page. If the video is too long, they may feel bored. Balance these effectively using the most effective online video maker available online i.e., InVideo’s video slideshow maker.

6. Climax context:

We are all good at watching movies and the most important part of any movie is the climax. If we do not like the climax, we simply rate the movie as below average. Therefore, if we relate the same into the video slideshow audience expects a good ending. A climax if it is technically or non-technically should have a good ending with a message or information or suggestion or analysis.