Text-heavy presentation is now a thing of the past. It has nothing that can create a drama or set the mood for the audience. Even the most exciting lines included in such presentations seem boring and stale. Videos are turning out to be a great option for improved viewer experience. 

The right mix-match of sound and sight can help you connect with your audience better. Moreover, a fully customizable and powerful InVideo slideshow maker helps in showcasing a business’s approach and vision more efficiently. 

Here is why you should choose videos over slideshows for presentations –

Customized videos are a perfect canvas for picturing the brand’s personality

A presentation created using a video creator lets the brand showcase its true face. You can use different animations, transitions, fonts, and colours to highlight the important elements of your presentation on the screen.

Video presentations allow you to leverage customized effects, audio, and images to the best of your benefit. You can easily make a breathtaking, killer presentation which will keep your audience interested in it till the end. 

A video illustrates more concepts than text 

Illustrating the concepts with a video is easier in comparison to texts. The best part is there is no need to create a complicated video. You can achieve top results even if your video presentation has no sound. Try InVideo online slideshow maker and you’ll be amazed at the results.

It comes with several nifty features including intuitive UI and customizes templates. Users can create audience-friendly video content without any hassle. It’s an ideal way to communicate your thoughts easily and quickly without letting your audience feel bored. 

Video slideshows capture more leads 

You can highlight the main points of your presentation on creating pro-quality video slideshows. A good presentation should temptingly present the story while hitting the core points. Moreover, with easy slideshow maker fitting core messages in a video is like a cakewalk.

Concepts can be explained precisely with less use of words. Make sure to focus on designing an attention-grabbing and engaging lead by highlighting the problems and solutions related to the niche. Do not forget to include a call to action towards the end.

Easy format of videos ensures the smooth presentation of complex ideas 

Slideshow videos are saviours for professionals who have complex ideas to explain. People take more interest in easy-to-understand presentations. Videos have an easy format; hence the audience can easily grasp the concepts. Plus, presenters don’t have to deal with the hassle of maintaining the sequence of slides with a video presentation of their ideas. Simply keep track of the page number and you are good to go.

Videos make audiences live up the presentation 

You can never go wrong with video presentations if you are looking forward to creating an exciting atmosphere for the audience.  Cheesy images fail to set the drama. Slideshow maker gives endless options to mold the mood of your audience so that they live up the presentation. 

Set an inspirational, serious, funny, emotional or just any mood with a moving background. A static image with text will be like serving an uninteresting, bland dish to your audience. Use Photo slideshow with music if you want to amaze your audience with a visually interesting and enticing presentation.

Videos save the audience from bearing the monotonous tone of texts 

Give variety to your target audience to keep them interested in your presentation till the end. For example- you may use a professionally created video to support a complicated section of the presentation. A wedding slideshow maker will efficiently reinforce your message and make your clip memorable and distinct.

Videos embed information in the minds of viewers as they have a perfect balance of images, audio, video and motion background. Giving your audience a break from stats and words will make them retain the concepts in their minds for long. 


Don’t compromise with the look and feel of the video presentation or else you’ll fail to draw the attention of your audience. Use InVideo’s video slideshow maker to make a huge impact on your viewers. It facilitates professionals with unique themes featuring un-cluttered pages, clear images, contrasting font colours, and background. Overall you’ll have the opportunity to create powerful presentations by utilizing effective animations, beautiful frames, high-quality voice-overs and much more.