You have the best editing tool with InVideo’s Free YouTube Intro Maker, you have a great product or service and yet, your branding videos are unable to generate enough viewers. Even with a well laid out script and great content, creating a promotional video using YouTube Intro Maker can be tricky.

Here are a few mistakes that you probably need to fix to get the ball rolling: 

The Intro Is Too Long 

While using the Free Intro Maker for YouTube, keep a clear and simple script in mind. The thumb rule is that your intro video should be able to convince your audience to keep watching within the first 6 seconds. This is the average video viewing time as per current studies and research. No one wants to watch an intro video that does not get to the point. Even with the best editing techniques and features that you use on the Free YouTube Intro Maker, your audience will simply skip your video if it does not bring some value to them.

The Video Itself Is Too Short 

In the world of Instagram and IGTV where you are asked to keep it short, it is better to use the Intro Maker for YouTube to create lengthier videos. Keep the intro short and the actual content longer. This is very important for YouTube SEO. Studies suggest that it is better for your ratings if the audience stops watching a 40-minute long video after 10 minutes in comparison to them watching a 2-minute video all the way through.  That said, you need to still keep the script simple and easy for your audience to understand while creating videos with the Free YouTube Intro Maker.

You Have Not Researched Your Audience

This is probably the biggest mistake that most brands make. Don’t think for your audience, think like them. Before you use the Free Intro Maker For YouTube, do a little research on the keywords your audience is using, the trends among the target age group, and the actual issues faced by the audience that your product is solving. From the title of your video to the different elements that you choose on the YouTube Video Maker, everything depends on the type of audience you wish to capture. This is the best way to garner the interest of your audience. It also helps you choose the features and tools on InVideo’s Free YouTube Intro Maker that can create an identity for the brand.

You Let Older Videos Get Lost 

The last video that you made with InVideo’s YouTube Video Maker got great views, or maybe not. Irrespective of what the result was, make sure that the next video you make is connected to it in some way. For example, while writing the script for the Free YouTube Intro Maker, add a line that talks about previous videos and add a link in the description. The purpose of this is to create a story and build a connection with your audience. Of course, you can never tell when a video suddenly becomes more relevant. 

Too Many Goals with One Video 

If you want one single video to do everything from generating leads to breaking the internet, you are making a big mistake. When you start on the Free YouTube Intro Maker, you need to have very clear and concise goals. Focus on creating content that will captivate your audience and generate sales. This also makes it easier for you to choose templates, transitions, and images on the YouTube Video Maker. Once you have the right content, other goals like improved ranking will happen automatically.

Blindly Following Trends 

Don’t get us wrong. Staying trendy and current is very important. You also need to keep an eye on the types of videos that are being made. That said, don’t let yourself get lost in the trend when you are using the Free YouTube Intro Maker. Make content that you care about. The sincerity will reflect in the content created on the Intro Maker for YouTube. It is this emotion that your audience will connect with and come back for. So, while you are incorporating the latest trends, don’t forget to add your personal touch to it.