The millennial era is a digital era. Failing to optimize the benefits bestowed by advanced digital technology would result in the sheer disappointment for diversified entities looking forward to promoting their products, services and of course talent.  Undeniably, YouTube seems to give a tough competition to other popular forms of social media due to being empowered by the remarkable visual appeal in the form of videos. The first step begins with selecting the dynamic YouTube intro maker that is designed and developed to impart an effortless experience of overall YouTube Video creation. InVideo is one such YouTube intro maker that enables you to start creating an Intro, the moment you finish its download. If you are eager to decode how to make YouTube intros in less than 20 minutes we are gladly here to share the most productive comprehensive guide.

Select An Engaging Template

The selection of a template after selecting YouTube intro maker is an extremely crucial process as no all templates will be able to do justice with your brand identity. There is an available range of intro templates encompassing movie style, HD style and many more. Moreover, by taking into the colour of the logo, a template must be selected so that it does stand out with the help of contrasting background colour.

Select Titles

If you intend to make a YouTube Intro right from scratch, all you need to do is just select titles that are meant to appear at the top of the page and then choose Openers. There is an available exhaustive range of animated titles meant to generate a sleek sequence of Intro in barely a few clicks. 

Upload Logo

An engaging Logo is equally important as selecting a dynamic free intro maker for YouTube.  The intro portion of the YouTube video is indeed the phase where you can grab the attention of your ideal audience. Simply upload your logo, if you have one. Thereafter, integrate the relevant colours competent of highlighting your brand; opt for the desired font and content and you are done with the first step of making YouTube intros in less than 20 minutes. 

Integrate Website URL

You may have to consider time-constraint in the context of creating YouTube Intro as the Intro is meant to be concise. However, by integrating your website URL in an authoritarian style, you can compel your ideal target audience to have a look at your website to gain more inkling regarding your offerings. The website URL must be inserted in such a manner that it infuses a personal touch in the video. 

Mention Brand Tagline

Successful organizations are no fool to spend moolah behind just a few words that when combined assume the identity of an ‘Impactful Tagline’. If you are yet to coin a tagline that ultimately goes on to become your brand identity, it is time to do the needful. If you have already worked on your brand tagline, you need to think of the most creative way to integrate it into your Intro Video. For instance, you may think of an option of freezing the screen, the moment logo, website URL along with tagline appears on the screen. This will enable your ideal viewers to take note of key information to fetch benefits out of your offerings. 

Insert Royalty-free Music

A remarkable template empowered by an action-packed tagline combined with relevant attention-grabbing music is indeed a match made in heaven. 

Export Intro

Once the editing is over, it is time to export the Intro. The moment your YouTube Intro is viewed by the viewers, they will be able to get a glimpse of the thought process and purpose of your YouTube video. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating YouTube videos, the majority of the creators tend to commit one common mistake and that is, sidelining the significance of creating an engaging intro. It is indeed a captivating Intro that differentiates a thoughtful YouTube Video empowered with the branding perspective and a mediocre YouTube video. There are many free intro makers for YouTube. Therefore, when you think of creating cool Intro, settle for a youtube intro maker like InVideo that is equipped with all required features and resources.