There is no denying that a stunning YouTube Video goes a long way in boosting your digital presence. However, the process of creating an impactful YouTube video begins with selecting a dynamic intro maker for YouTube. InVideo is one such excellent video maker that enables you to start and impressively conclude your YouTube videos. YouTube intros are indeed game-changers if executed properly. If you have a mind-blowing idea to create a compelling Intro, here we bring most productive tips to create mind-blowing YouTube intros:

Set Unique Tone

After choosing a trusted companion in the form of an amazing intro maker for YouTube, it is time to set tonality. Your Intro tonality is indeed an element that is meant to set the tone for the remaining phases of your YouTube video. Therefore, you have to ensure getting it right at the very first attempt. While setting the tone, do mull over your brand ideology (no matter, commercial or personal). Thereafter, have a glance at the content to formulate a strategy to create an intro that can match with the personality of your tailor-made content. After that, take a look at your offerings and the purpose behind it. Now it is time to think of a specific message that you intend to convey to your ideal audiences while carefully analyzing who all may fall in this category. This detail-oriented process will enable you to grasp that whether your ideal audience would find an animated intro more appealing or would appreciate more of a straight-forward tone. Trust, that by delving deep into the mind-set and taste of your target audience, you will be able to steer in the right direction. 

Build A Style Meant To Perform

People are more likely to share your content and engage with your brand if your intro is engaging, thought-provoking, and value-driven no matter even if it is in the form of sheer entertainment. Therefore, when you are all set to work on a style that is meant to perform in your favour, never hesitate to experiment. After analyzing the comments and metrics, if it becomes apparent that your chosen style is working in your favour, do stick with it, at least for some time. If your style becomes synonymous with your brand identity in the form of your intro, your ideal audience will begin recognizing your content merely by encountering your logo, template, colours, and many more elements. 

Keep It Concise

Sometimes, simplicity proves to be the best tool where the competitive landscape continues to get cluttered day-by-day. Remember, it is not the length of the video that matters the most but it is the appeal of the video. An ideal Intro created by a powerful video creator is believed to last not more than 20 seconds. This indicates that an intro has to be created in such a manner that it can accomplish its purpose in a minimal amount of voiceover and text. After all, the purpose of an Intro is merely to trigger curiosity. Let the remaining video take care of satiating curiosity with the help of providing voluminous details. 


A fine quality YouTube intro created by a free intro maker for YouTube is that concise clip of YouTube video at its initial stage that conveys about the topic through myriad bespoke elements. The elements include the channel or brand name, logo, graphics, music, colours and many more. If you intend to earn recognition in minimal time, strive to strike coherence between these vivid elements to deliver a well-woven tonality and theme related to your offering. 

Final Thought

Your intro is one influential chance to create a lasting impression about the experience that is expected by your ideal audience. Now, you can embark on the process of creating mind-blowing YouTube intros by browsing through the impressive intro templates at InVideo. Be it creating something or editing, importing or uploading your video to a variety of social feeds, stun your ideal audience sans losing valuable time by optimizing the functionality of a brilliant YouTube intro maker like InVideo.