A video content piece is almost always incomplete without intro music. It is a gateway for viewers to the real content that is there in the video. This bridge needs to be made with a lot of careful consideration. While many content creators shy away from intro music, it still is a very essential part of your content.

Depending on your personal preference and content style, you can choose where the intro music will be in your YouTube videos. You can either start off with the intro music, put it after a few seconds after establishing the key theme of the video or do away with it completely.

Keep it short

Your intro music will set the tone of your video. They are there to grab your audience’s attention. They are a sort of a premise to what is about to happen on screen. People do not like consuming content that is unnecessarily too long. If your intro music is too long, it will set a tone of boredom for what is about to come. Thus, short and catchy intro music will do its job of highlighting what the audience is about to experience next.

Make it relevant

Your video blog will highlight your interests and beliefs. The content will vary depending on what kind of content is going in your vlog. For example, if your vlog is on travel, it will have a very different approach from if it is in fashion. Your intro music will also have to be customized and catered to your content. A ramp ready runway music might not go with travel and food videos and so on. So, choose an intro music piece that works on all the pieces of your YouTube channel.

Check the volume

Jarring music is something that nobody wants to listen to. Your job is to catch people’s attention to your content with intro music but nobody wants a loud disturbance before the actual video starts. Choose intro music that has an optimum level of volume, bass, and treble. In case you are wondering what the right balance should be, you can check some free intro makers for YouTube like our intro maker for YouTube, specially designed for content creators to make the most out of the platform.

Sync it with visuals

The perfect content experience comes together with the perfect marriage of visual and sound. If they don’t complement each other, it will be a failed start to your content piece. See what visuals you’re putting in the intro, whether it is just text or image-based as well. The intro music is sort of an identity for your YouTube channel so make sure that it highlights the same. The InVideo free YouTube intro maker will help you do just that. Taking relevant visuals, you can choose from an array of music that suits you best and optimize your intro music in the best possible way.

Speak up

Your YouTube videos are a reflection of who you are. The intro music should be too. Add in a little voiceover wherever you can for that added bit of personalization. You can call out the name of your vlog in your own voice or call out a one-liner, describing what that particular content piece is going to talk about. Either way, your audience will like the subtle ownership of the content that you will bring in with your voice. With the InVideo YouTube intro maker, you can sync your voice to the music and create personalized art for your vlogs.

Be consistent

Your intro music is like your signature. It is a reflection of you and your content. Thus, you absolutely have to be consistent with it. The styles cannot change drastically from video to video. Once you establish music and key visuals as per the overall content of your vlog, you can go for the minor, necessary tweaks that come in with the personalization of each content piece.

Video blogging is an upward trend but to be relevant to the right audience, you need to hook them to your content at the very beginning. And what better way to do that than engaging with them at the very introduction?