When it comes to promotional video marketing, YouTube for business is the best platform you should go for. You can promote your business and boost your brand awareness. But, do you know how a free YouTube video editor helps you create videos to generate thousands of views? Which is the best video editor for YouTube? Well, YouTube itself offers various useful features to create killer videos to boost views and more subscribers. You can also go for InVideo’s best video editor for YouTube, YouTube video maker and more to enhance your videos.

In this post, you will find the top 5 ways to enhance visibility to YouTube videos for Marketers. 

Add a Branding Watermark to Your YouTube Videos

To increase awareness of your business, you need to adopt great branding strategies. This will make your YouTube videos appear far more professional than before. In most of the cases, a brand logo and a single image are just enough to convey your brand message to your target audience.

The watermark feature can help you go with YouTube Branding for your business. This is the most important feature and many individuals are not aware that it is available for free in the YouTube channel settings. You can also find this feature in any YouTube video maker for free. Make your branding represent the right kind of content on your channel. For example, with the right message and branding logo, you can encourage your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel and this feature is usually called a custom subscribe button. 

Want to know how to add the branding watermark to YouTube videos? Just, go to “My Channel” and then click on the gear icon right next to your channel subscribe button.

1. Click on the “Advanced Settings” link. 

2. Click on “Branding” under the “Channel” header which is on the left side of the screen, and afterward click the blue “Add a watermark” button. 

3. Next, click on the “Choose File” button and upload your watermark from your computer. 

4. Now, your viewers can view your brand watermark on your YouTube Videos. Not exclusively does it instantly make your brand familiar with the audience; however, it additionally let them directly subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

5. The great part is you can also track the performance of your branding watermark on your YouTube videos. Go to the “Annotations” report in your YouTube Analytics and there you will have the option to see the CTR (click-through rate), impressions, interactive impressions, closable impressions, close rate, click, etc.

Use Directional Cues to Grab Attention to Your CTA

Directional Cues are utilized to draw attention to Call to action in YouTube videos. They direct us to what we ought to go for or move toward. On YouTube, directional cues incorporate arrows, photos, or videos of people pointing to or looking at the call to action (CTA) pointers. These signals make an immediate and automatic response in which viewers are being directed toward your Call to action button which can be your YouTube Subscribe button.

Add Relevant Keywords to YouTube Video Descriptions, Titles, and Tags

It doesn’t matter how much money, time and effort you put into creating stunning videos for your YouTube channel if nobody finds interest in the topic. So, the Meta description, titles, and tags are the most important ranking factors for your YouTube videos. The right keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags help to score top rankings in search engines. The right keywords can compel your viewers to watch your YouTube videos again and again. 

And yet at the same time, if it’s single videos, at that point, the effectively descriptive and long-tail keyword would be very useful. Additionally, make sure you add trending keywords related to videos to create interest among your YouTube Videos. When you find some proper keywords and long-tail phrases, immediately add them in your title and depiction. 

Create a catchy title tagline that drives quick action and shows the advantages of viewing the video.  For example, you can urge viewers to tap on videos by offering titles like “How to Fix….”, “Top 5 different ways to….” etc. 

Ensure you add your website link to your YouTube videos with the right HTML reference to make it easily clickable. Additionally, add tags that should be based on relevant keyword or keyword phrases.

Additions of Catchy Annotations and CTA Overlays

Annotations are frequently overlooked parts of YouTube features. However, by using catchy annotations you can drive more and more viewers to your videos and encourage them to become your subscribers. A YouTube Video Creator is also another great option to add annotations and notes to videos.

Create an Annotation

The right annotation placement is additionally very important. Reports reveal most viewers watch videos for shorter periods, so your catchy annotation should be placed at the right place to grab the viewer’s attention where your content may not. Also, make sure you turned on external linking before adding an annotation. 

Add annotation, by clicking on the Video Manager, go with the drop-down arrow right next to Edit and select Annotations. Select “Add Annotation” and pick the type of annotation. After filling the details, finish the process with Apply Changes.

Make a CTA Overlay

CTA overlays are just like banner advertisements that are shown at the bottom of your video. When viewers click on the overlays, they are directed to the next video or ad. With YouTube CTA overlays you can connect your website link to your YouTube videos. To create CTA overlays, you must have a Google AdWords account.

To make CTA overlay or promotions sign into your AdWords account. Ensure you have added your YouTube Channel to the AdWords account. In any case, you haven’t added the account, click on the gear icon alongside your name display on the right of the page and afterward click on Linked records and select YouTube.

Add Subtitles and Closed Captions

Captions and subtitles on YouTube videos make it able to reach a range of audiences. There are numerous tools to do this such as YouTube video editor, YouTube video creator and more. First, you can use YouTube’s automatic subtitles or CC (closed captions) feature, but you may not find expected outcomes. The next option you can go for is to create your own subtitles or CCs within YouTube. 

After choosing your preferred option, direct to the Video Manager, click on the drop-down icon next to Edit and choose Subtitles and CC. Choose the most spoken video language for your video. Next, choose how you want to go for including or altering closed captions or subtitles. Conclude the setup process by following the next steps.


There’s no magic formula to enhance YouTube videos, however, these tips will help you reach your target audience instantly and beat your competition. There are also YouTube video editors and YouTube video makers like InVideo available online that can help you easily design amazing videos to draw more and more viewers.

Now, stop exploring here and there, just follow these tips, and create effective YouTube marketing campaigns and enhance your videos to receive an amazing response from your audience by using InVideo.