There is no doubt that YouTube is the number 1 platform for sharing content in a visual format. The variety of audience that visits the website is enough proof that there is something for everyone. But, on the flip side, there are as many people posting videos similar to yours and posing as competition to your content. In such situations, it is a challenge to keep your audience hooked to your video and not give them a chance to bounce to another one (even if the next one is yours). 

If you are facing such a problem, then it is time you pulled up your metaphorical socks and got to fixing the situation. The first step towards mending a situation is finding what is wrong. Therefore, as a YouTube channel, you must first analyse the metrics provided by YouTube especially the Audience Retention time. This metric helps you understand the approximate point where your audience abandons the video and the videos that are facing the problem. 

Done? Now it’s time to fix the issue and find a way to increase the watch time with videos created on InVideo’s best video editor for YouTube. You want one, we’ve got four!!

Create playlists to tempt your audience towards more content from you

When you have a lot of content to share with your audience, you can organize it in the form of a series and create a playlist – yes, like an episodic television series. With the help of an effective video editor like InVideo, you can design your videos to bring in a form of continuity. 

You can link the videos with one another and in such cases, it would be better to get rid of any intros or outros. These features give a sense of finality to the video and may lead the user to leave it. But, when you incorporate a sense of “something more” in the videos, curiosity will compel the audience to view more and more of your content. 

Choose appropriate visuals to reflect the tone of your content

In this case, the first impression is the last impression, definitely. When you create videos for your YouTube channel, choose the right thumbnail that correctly represents the video content. Ensure that you don’t mislead the viewers by choosing the wrong still. Otherwise, you may create distrust among your users. 

Plus, using the InVideo’s video editor, you can ensure that your videos have a professional look and consequently, eye-catching stills that compel the video to start watching and continue till the end. Once you have launched the video, keep a track on the Audience Retention reports so that you can track the timestamps when the audience may have logged off.

Add cards in the YouTube video to engage the audience

YouTube has a unique feature where you can insert a card in your video to display an upcoming video or prompting a call to action from the audience in the form of a poll, or a donation request for your cause. You can also use the cards to encourage the audience to post feedback for your video. 

Using statistics of YouTube videos, you can analyse the timestamps of the videos to investigate the audience behaviour as to where they may have stopped watching the video. That way you can insert the cards before the people lose their interest and get them back to watching the video. 

Use properly researched YouTube keywords to create content

Research your content by typing keywords, because usually, they are the best way to judge what the audience is watching. Type only a few words related to your content and you will find YouTube completing your search phrase for you with the hottest searches. 

With InVideo’s video editor, you can incorporate some of the keywords in your video text. Also, as a part of the research, you can also scope out the competition to check out how the rivals have designed their videos. Always better to learn from the competition and improve our targeted keywords and subsequent videos. 


Google and YouTube continuously crawl through content and provide metrics such as the site’s load time, audience retention time and the link click to test the reach of the video. With a proper understanding of how YouTube operates, you can use InVideo’s best editor for YouTube to create professional videos and add features that contribute towards improving the YouTube watch time.