Here are a few tips on how to Streamline your YouTube Sales Campaign!

A study says that 92% of business to business prospects consume online videos. Are you someone who wants to promote your products using YouTube? Want more shopper traction? Are you too stuck in what kind of YouTube video to make? Let us assist you in making your video using the best video editor for YouTube

How to effectively use YouTube videos in your campaign?

Once you figure out the type of videos that you need to produce, there is no better way to skyrocket your marketing efforts. Try to produce videos for various stages of the marketing campaign as it will not only guide your potential buyer but also persuade them for shopping it using one of the best video editors for YouTube. Let’s deep dive into  the various stages of the campaign and the types of content: 

Product Awareness:

Let’s start with the challenges one faces. It is the vital stage of any YouTube marketing campaign as this will make the potential buyers aware of a solution. Also, it will assist them in familiarizing themselves with your product. The kind of videos that can assist you here: 

1. Educational Videos: Most of the times shoppers are unaware of solutions to their problems. And being a guide can give you an advantage here. Try to frame your answers in small videos. 

2. Explainer Videos: For any potential buyer, the prom he/she is facing is a complex one. Try to ease out those problems and use simple language in these kinds of videos. Find some correlation of that complexity with real-world things. 

3. Small video ads for problem awareness: As per statistics, short (10-15 sec) ads are the most viewed ads on YouTube. The use of graphs and statistics can do wonders in these ads. 

Grab the viewer’s attention in the middle:

In this stage, start with the introduction of your product and how it is unique. Go into the specifics here. Some videos that suited for this stage are: 

1. Product Intro Videos: For any buyer, the introduction of the product and how to use it plays a critical part in his shopping journey. The goal of such videos should be to grab the attention of users to the end. If it happens, you know that you have struck the right chords!

2. Tutorials: Now it’s time to lure the viewer with the details of your offerings. These videos are ideal for most probable buyers who want to take a closer look at your product and how it will assist them. 

End the campaign with why choose us:

Now your prime task is to convert these viewers or leads into customers. In that case, try to encapsulate the whole middle of the campaign in a nutshell. The videos should be like:

1. Demo Videos: Besides adding the potential benefits of your product add a small demo of the product. Try to give solutions to those problems that you have identified on the top. 

2. Testimonial Videos of Previous Shoppers: It is a well-established fact that if someone doesn’t know a thing about anything, he/she will try to imitate others. If you smartly use testimonial videos in the end, you can end your campaign and shopper’s journey at a high note. 

Once you are done with the type of videos on various stages of your campaign, the insights of viewer traction and lead generated are important. As you are familiar with the types of videos, here are some suggestions on how to start: 

Frame out a proper Content Plan: Business growth is a continuous process and one needs to be periodic in the campaigning to reiterate their products in the customer’s subconscious mind. Chart a proper lifecycle for your campaigning and adequate budget for where to spend money.

Be creative with your content: We all know that grabbing the audience attention in these times for long is a tough task. More importantly, you don’t want your videos to be monotonous. Try to mix and match with a whole lot of things to make it interesting. You can also manage a YouTube calendar to manage your posts. 

Notably, YouTube videos will not make you an overnight success. Don’t be dis-hearted with the results as it will make you future-ready. Always try to produce videos with longer shelf life and focus on customer engagement to win them over. If you are still wondering how to go forward, there are a number of free YouTube video editors like InVideo to help you out.