You are a YouTube video creator who creates long, interesting videos? You’ve spent hours, days, and sometimes months to create the most amazing YouTube videos. Sounds Awesome! However, it’s really disheartening when you don’t get the views or people don’t show interest in watching your videos to the end. 

Today, quite a few good tools like InVideo are available for a YouTube video maker. YouTube is our new television. It’s fun to use a free YouTube video editor to create & publish exceptional videos on YouTube. Although, creating videos is interesting, but improving their visibility is challenging. So, what should you do as a YouTube video maker to increase views and inspire people to watch your videos to the end?

Factors that influence YouTube video performance

It’s a fact that 500 hours of videos get uploaded to YouTube every minute. It means the platform is extremely selective about the content they are promoting. You are a motivated YouTube video maker who uses the best video editor for YouTube and creates intriguing videos. You would certainly want to improve the visibility of your YouTube video.


CTR is the most important metric to focus on. CTR means the number of people who click the video when they notice it appearing on YouTube. For instance, if your video gets 500 impressions and 100 people click on it, your CTR is 20%. If your CTR is too low, your video is not going to be suggested to people for watching on YouTube. 

You can build CTR from impressions on search, the home screen, suggested views, and the sidebar. Every time you publish a new video, you should aim to get as many clicks per impression as it’s possible in the first 48 hours. This is a method to let YouTube know people are interested in your content.

Average View Duration

If your Average View Duration and your thumbnail CTR are good, your video will have a high chance to get recommended. If the Average View Duration is not good, it will be very difficult for your video to be searched and found. For this, a video editor for YouTube will be useful. 

Watch Time

Watch time is a significant factor in the YouTube algorithm considers when searching for videos. YouTube users watch time to judge the quality of your YouTube content and channel. Your video’s performance largely depends on the watch time metrics – the higher it is, the higher your videos will appear in search results. 

To illustrate watch time, suppose you have a 10 minutes long video “How to grow your business?” Another 3 minute-long YouTube video is available on the same topic. People watch your video for 10 minutes and the other video for 3 minutes. This data gives a signal to the YouTube algorithm that the video with higher watch time should be suggested to more people and moved up in the search rankings. 

Audience retention

Audience retention is another significant factor to increase YouTube video visibility. Let us come back to the example of watch time. For the, “How to grow your business” video, its watch time is a signal that the longer video is of superior quality, however, it’s possible that the shorter video is better. Thus, YouTube uses the audience retention measure to avoid promoting a low-quality video with a longer watch time over a high-quality video with a shorter watch time. 

How to choose title and thumbnail for your YouTube Video?

When you choose a title for your video, you need to be very careful. Your video’s title can increase or decrease the views multiple times. Thus, choose a convincing and compelling title that attracts readers to click and watch your video. 

Thumbnail is as important as the title. Researchers claim that while people scroll on their phones, they usually don’t read the words of a title or thumbnail – they click the videos spontaneously. Your video title and thumbnail both work jointly to intrigue people. Thus, people immediately understand the content they will see if they click.  Create stellar thumbnails with InVideo. 

Your title and thumbnail should be able to create interest, impact, surprise, and excitement. Your thumbnail ideally should not have the same terms as your video title. A long title can be rephrased and its rephrased shorter form can be used for the thumbnail. With all these tips, no one can stop you from taking YouTube by storm to promote your business!