Congratulations on creating that impressive video on YouTube! But is your video getting the kind of response and views it needs to get? Is your video faring to your expectations? 

Here, let us give you handy tips on how to increase the number of views and clicks on your videos. 

Have you heard about YouTube Click-Through Rate? It’s the most important factor in deciding the number of views your video will get. 

Let us understand it in detail. 

The number of videos that get uploaded on YouTube in an hour is in hundreds. This ultimately puts pressure on your video to make an outstanding impact. Click-Through Rate is something that determines the fate of your videos. It identifies and slots your videos into popular and unpopular based on the number of views they get. Based on that, YouTube pushes your videos for suggestions or stop suggesting them. 

So the first thing that you need to keep in mind when uploading a video is its CTR. Your aim should be to ensure your video gets a good number of views within 48 hours of it going live. Only will your improved CTR ensure your video gets promoted and suggested to more number of people on YouTube.

Watch Time and Audience Retention

If your videos get these three elements right, i.e. watch time, audience retention and Click Through Rate, YouTube will make sure they reach and get noticed by a larger audience. 

Now, let us come to the main topic of how to ensure high CTR for your videos. Read on.

1. Find the CTR of Each Video

a. In YouTube Studio, Click on Analytics on the left-hand side panel. 

b. Select Reach to see the number of impressions and click-through rate your videos have garnered over your selected time frame. 

c. View each video’s CTR by choosing the video and clicking on Analytics. Then select Reach to see how many people it has reached. 

2. Identify Your Brand’s Speciality and Target Audience

What is your brand about? Are your videos related to a particular topic or are a mixture of many? Identify what is the niche of your brand. While making videos, you need to focus on this in order to build your audience and attract more too. For e.g., if today you upload a video on how to make your wardrobe summer-ready and, some days later, a video on how to build your business from scratch, your channel will subsequently experience a dip in its viewership and subscribers. Because a large number of people who are interested in clothing and fashion won’t be interested in your next video I.e. about starting a business and vice versa. 

3. Give a Catchy Title to Your Videos

This is almost as important as the video itself. A title covers 50% of the chance of a person clicking on your video. The best way to come up with a clickable and unique title for your videos is to include keywords or most searched terms in your title. You can take the help of tools to help you get the right keywords for your topic based on the number of monthly searches on Google. Your videos with highly searched keyword title will ensure they rank when people search the terms online. 

4. Create Attractive Thumbnail Images for Your Videos

How many times have you clicked on a video on YouTube by looking at the thumbnail image than reading what the title says? This is true for most of us. An image is very impactful in catching the audience’s attention. Together with the title, it works wonders in helping you propel a great number of people into clicking on your videos. It is also a crucial point in terms of making your video noticeable and stand out amidst the many on the same topic as yours. 

You can create thumbnail images along with texts or go with YouTube’s suggested options. 

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