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An AI-based tool for analysing stocks and forming personalized investment plans for every subscriber. 

Markets Mojo partnered with InVideo to create a detailed analysis for 4000 stocks along with creating portfolio videos for their premium clients.


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MarketsMojo is an AI-based tool for analysing stocks and forming personalized investment plans for every subscriber. It was started by the founding team of Moneycontrol.com. 

Being India’s first algorithm-based fin-tech research platform, it analyses all the stocks (close to 4000) on the exchange, right from the oldest to the newest ones. Compared to the traditional investment planning companies where analysts manually go through years of data for just 300-400 stocks, MarketsMojo provides a more comprehensive study. MarkestMojo has multiple algorithms that keep changing according to the client’s needs and nature.

To provide their customers with financial information in an easy and captivating way, they teamed up with InVideo.

InVideo is a partner of MarketsMojo for several fin-tech products. We work together with clients to give them an in-depth analysis of stocks in a video format.


MarketsMojo wanted to automatically create videos for all the 4000 stocks and host them on their website. And to keep updating them as and when there were new triggers. These videos would need to have a thorough analysis of a specific stock.

It would include all the analytical parameters – PAT, EBITDA, Valuation scores, Financial Trend, Price Movement and many more. Selecting these parameters is an important decision because it changes the data that you present to the clients. This subsequently changes their decision making and MarketsMojo’s credibility. So, InVideo provides several options to choose from while selecting these parameters, so that the video is as accurate as it can get.

By common video creating methods, it would take at least two days for a video specialist to produce just one video. So, it is almost impossible to create such a huge number of videos with high quality graphics by traditional methods.


InVideo partnered with MarketsMojo to create these videos quickly. A vital necessity was to make the videos look on par with those being shown on air. An InVideo Custom solution, with cutting-edge designs, was built for Markets Mojo using InVideo’s core technology stack.

MarketsMojo’s extensive analytical data and InVideo’s pioneering video designs were merged with InVideo’s main framework. The interactive user interface of InVideo allows MarketsMojo’s team to change the look and feel of the video and make it fit the situation.

InVideo also provided an end-to-end solution that enabled a direct mapping of video to website and removed the manual element from the process. As soon as a video is created, it is pushed directly at the precise place on the website. Thus saving time.

MarketsMojo first started uploading these videos on YouTube which jumped up their traffic, and thus an enormous number of users began flooding their site. The initial surveys by the product team found that a lot of new subscribers came through these YouTube videos.  Each of these videos has an average viewing time of 90 seconds and 1000s of hours are spent each month watching these videos.

Key points:

MarketsMojo saved 1.5 days in the creation of each video. 

– There was a jump in their website traffic. 

– They got hordes of new subscribers and discoveries. 

– Their viewers spent thousands of hours watching stock videos on their website.

Custom Designs made by InVideo






This budding new relationship is about to be deepened by creating custom-built videos for each premium subscriber of Markets Mojo using InVideo Motion. Think of it as a personalized TV for you that caters to the stock news that you prefer!