The ever-changing digital world is causing a transformation to the e-commerce market. Billions of people have access to the Internet, and most of them love shopping online. A brief look at the statistical details will quickly help you to predict the future condition of the e-commerce sector. From a global perspective, China is presently holding the leading position, as it earns the highest amount from the e-commerce industry. Other strong nations in the e-commerce world include the USA, UK, Germany, and Japan. The e-retailers have started investing in better delivery methods. They are also applying various innovative approaches to promote their business. Now, let us have a view at different e-commerce marketing trends, most relevant to the e-store owners.

Creating the most attractive product video

Video production is one of the best tactics applied by the successful e-commerce site owners and proactive marketers. However, it is always essential to know your customers’ identity for developing the right and compelling videos. The videos on the product page have to reveal different things on the product. Your potential customers would be able to watch something that is not viewable easily in any static image. Brands like Kitchen Cabinet Kings are using InVideo for creating products video and sharing across their website and social media.

When you have identified the right place for using the video and the purpose of using it, you will easily be able to create a reliable video. You have to focus on the

  • Shots of all the latest products
  • Shots of the most popular products
  • 360-degree views for displaying all the parts of your product

The videos on the most sold products will also attract the attention of potential customers. Nowadays, online video making and editing tools like InVideo help you to create an explicit video with a comprehensible background. You may also add music to the video. However, your product-related videos do not have to be too much longer. For most of the products (for clothes, arts, pieces of jewelry and shoes), you have to aim at displaying the features and design.

Grab the social media features- Take your e-commerce business to a higher level

The use of social media is another approach to do e-commerce marketing and get more revenues from your company. However, there are few tactics for the optimized use of various social platforms for your online store.

One of the interesting things is that the inspiration and relevant quotes are beneficial for branding your e-commerce products. Most of the Twitter users love short and precise quotes. The quotes may also be entertaining and educational. However, it must relate your product. You can add a link to have a better outcome from it.

Videos stimulate the audiences to have more interaction with you and to keep them engaged all the time. The best trick for you is to insert a CTA to the ending part of your promotional video. The videos, previewing the upcoming products, are highly effective for creating lots of buzzes. You may better rely on Instagram or Vine for this type of videos.

Facebook videos with sharable content are also useful to promote your e-commerce business. Create your video and then upload it to your business-related Facebook page. Your fans will surely click on the video.

Video ads to market your digital store

Short and precise video ads can do a lot to promote your e-commerce business. Most of the big brands have already applied the video advertising technique as one of the e-commerce marketing trends. However, without knowing the tricks, you may not be successful in your online video ad campaign. The valuable content in your ads will increase your business reach. While your video ad has received several likes and comments, you may use it as social proof of your success.

Now, to talk about Facebook videos, we have to mention carousel ads. These ads combine more than one image or video. You can reduce the CPC with these ads. Use every video clip for revealing the benefit of your products or the special offers of your store.

There is good news for you. Facebook has recently released a new feature for tracking the performance of your video ads. You may find out the number of views, frequency of viewing the video, and the total duration of watching the video. Thus, you have to record all these things for refining your future video ads.

Mobile buying- Another trend in the e-commerce world

e-commerce marketing tactics

The traffic from the mobile platform has surpassed the number of visitors from the desktop. Most of the shoppers use their mobile for buying anything. The e-store owners have found an increase in mobile sales, and thus, they try to increase the conversion rate of mobile traffic. They are also offering mobile-friendly payment choices, including PayPal and Amazon Pay.

As one of the e-commerce marketers or business owners, you have to create a mobile-focused interface for your store. The customized content, visual elements, and videos- everything has to fit your customers’ mobile screen.  You need to place the Shopping Cart and Buy Now buttons in the right place.

There are more ways to optimize your store for mobile customers. Engage the mobile-savvy audience through different techniques. Push notification, offline modes, instant loading, and smoother payment- all these features will make your e-commerce app unique. Make sure that you have integrated these innovative features to the e-commerce site. This is one of the standard e-commerce marketing trends in the present age.

Now, follow the above e-commerce trends and techniques, whether you are a start-up or have an established e-commerce site. It is essential to stay updated on the latest approaches to successful e-commerce players. The analytical study of the e-commerce sector will make you think that online retailers are adopting newer techniques every year. However, one thing that will hold its position in the future is the video. The online videos are helpful to you in various ways to develop your e-commerce business. Rely on videos to increase your share in the e-commerce markets. Your decision may cause your e-store to evolve in the future.