A couple of times, we try to create some online videos, but we become confused about which app to choose. There are countless apps which you can use to create some beautiful and fascinating videos but to select the best amongst them can be a real tough job. Hence, here we are going to discuss top online video maker tools, which will assist you to craft some fantastic online videos.

Shakr If you can go through some Shakr reviews, you will find out that it is one of the useful apps, which will aid you to create an attractive video. If you are someone who needs to create a nice-looking video that will help you in the field of marketing, you can take the help of this app. While using this app, you don’t have to worry about those unwanted ads, which keep popping in front of your eyes. Another valuable specialty of this app is that it has a vast collection of video templates amongst which you can choose the template that meets the demands of your campaign. You can share any of your videos on social media with the help of Shakr. But, if you can look out a bit more, you will find out that several Shakr alternatives are present.

“Some of the Shakr users have revealed that there are some cons in this app. One of them is the expense. This app is going to be a bit heavy on your pocket.”

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Animaker– Another app that will help you to create some magnetic videos is the Animaker app. The unique features of this app will allow you to craft favorite videos that you can use for marketing, sharing your creativity and present your skills. In this app, you will be able to create six different types of videos, and amongst them, you can select the one that you need. Any Animaker review will give you a brief idea about the app, and you can utilize it accordingly. Some of the highlights which this app has to provide are record, curve, multimove, camera in and camera out. Animaker pricing is also affordable and reasonable.

“While writing the Animaker review, we have found that the user interface of this app is a bit downgraded if you compare them with today’s technologies.”

InVideo Amongst the list, this is the best tool to look for. By using this tool, you can make several fascinating videos, which you can share on all the social media platforms. No matter what reason you want to create videos, you can use InVideo any time. The features of this tool are indeed vast, and you will get a vast number of options to choose from. Maybe, you want to create a video for the marketing purpose, or you are planning to start any campaign, you can use the features of this tool effectively. Also, if you are someone who is fond of mobile journalism, no other tool can help you like InVideo. You can also add many music and songs to your video by using this tool to make it more charming. Apart from all these, there are varieties of video templates that you will find in this tool, and you can go for any of them. The key features of this tool are custom branding, advanced editing, multi-lingual videos, real-time preview, HD quality videos, custom video sizes, extensive media library, smart frames as well as voiceovers.

“This is by far the cheapest online video maker available in the market.”

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Vyond– Like any other video making apps, you can add music, voiceovers, templates and all the other things to your videos. No matter what purpose it is, you can employ Vyond whenever you want and wherever you want. Many professionals are using this app, and they are happy about it. It doesn’t matter what kind of audience you want to reach; you can create all kinds of videos here. One of the most exciting aspects of this app is that the pricing of this app is reasonable, and you don’t have to bother about your money while using this app. Read any of the Vyond reviews to know about this app and to get a brief visualization of this app.

“Regular users of the Vyond app have specified some of the cons of this app like it need a lot of bandwidth and if you don’t have a good internet speed, then it will be hard for you to use this app.”

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Magisto If you are looking for a smart app that can help you to create engaging videos, you can opt for Magisto. It will provide you with a boost to your creativity, and you can tailor several alluring videos with the help of this app. You can share all of your videos on any social media platforms. The A.I. which is present in this video will provide you with several suggestions which you can utilize while making a video about marketing. Also, by using this app, you will get insights about the behavior of your audience so that you can work accordingly in the future.

“The only con of this app is that there is a limitation in editing voice audio and the developers must look forward to upgrading the detailed timeline structure.”

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Lumen5 This app specializes in making videos about marketing. The library of this app has a vast collection, where you will find millions of Medias from which you can embed in your videos to grab the attention of your audience. All those media files will make your videos even more captivating. Lumen 5 app also allows video customization, which you can avail to generate the video that goes with the vibe of your concept. It will make your audience even more engaged and interested. You can also synchronize your video with the photos and music with the aid of this app. But you will also find several Lumen5 alternatives if you can search.

“While using this Lumen 5 app, you must have a good internet connection or else you may have to suffer several hurdles.”

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Hence, here is the list of top online video makers, which you can look for to create some enticing videos and to make those videos to help you in the field of marketing.