Security within InVideo Music


Imagine that you have a new music album being launched in a few days. But you want to make sure you cover all your bases. You want to make sure all your songs have videos so you can share them on YouTube. You would also want to create lyrical videos to keep your audiences engaged. But creating all these videos takes at least a few weeks. Not to mention the cost it would take to hire a video editor on such short notice. So, what do you do?

You come to InVideo. We create your videos in a matter of hours with designs, motion graphics, coding formats that you require. Your audio and video are ready for launch. But there are enough people with sinister minds who would want to take your credit away from you. So, you are worried about your songs being secure.

We take every step to make sure all your data is safe with us. All our servers are highly secure and go through multiple firewalls to ensure no data is leaked. On D-day, you have a successful launch, and all your videos garner thousands of views on social media platforms. A happy you means a happy us!


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