Snapdeal Partners With InVideo

An Indian e-commerce website with a selection of 10 million products across varied categories, shipping to more than 5,000 towns and cities in India.

Snapdeal partnered with InVideo to create personalized ads and videos on the fly.


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Snapdeal is an Indian e-commerce website started in 2010. It began as a daily deals platform. It has grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces in India. It offers a selection of 10 million products across varied categories, shipping to more than 5,000 towns and cities in India.

With the online market growing leaps and bounds, companies are always on the lookout for exciting ways to attract new customers. Videos have emerged as the new marketing mantra. But creating these high quality videos is still time-consuming. So, Snapdeal tied up with InVideo to come up with a solution that would be dynamic and scalable.


Snapdeal offers their customers a fantastic range of deals in diverse product categories. They run personalized ads like:

  • Top products for you
  • Trending products
  • Exclusive deals
  • Happy hour deals, etc.

All products and promotions in these categories change very quickly.

They wanted to create videos for all these categories. These videos were to be part of their targeted marketing on their digital platforms which included their mobile app and website ads. So, they wanted to be able to change the messaging, product placement, and promo codes as quickly as possible.

And, so, speed had to be an essential part of the solution. And the effective voiceover was also to be included. InVideo had to make sure that no extra pressure should be put on Snapdeal’s existing resources.


InVideo was provided with Excel/CSV files of product catalogues. These files included relevant information like price, discount, rating, description, promo code, etc. InVideo’s intelligent technology was able to read through these files and automatically come up with a storyline. Even though, the input format was as simple as CSV files, the quality of graphics was at its best. Variations of promo codes and intros were then tried dynamically to see what works best. Once the videos were finalized, pre-recorded voice overs were automatically added in the right frames. The Snapdeal team is now able to create videos instantly for any new promotional strategy. There is much less human effort involved in the video creation process. They can make videos at scale for any category or promotion. With dynamic changes to messaging, colours, products, animations, graphics, etc., they are quickly able to run test ads.

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Snapdeal is on a mission to reinvent the way products are positioned and viewed on their digital platforms. They plan to use InVideo’s flexible technology to create videos for trending products in all product categories, like – Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Beauty, Fitness, Books, etc.