We would like to congratulate you on your big step! Thinking of creating your original content is one step closer to a creative professional life. So, now that you have decided to start your next big venture, we are here to give you a guide to making the best YouTube videos. Every single minute of the day, approximately 300 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube. There are numerous video creators available on the web who use YouTube video maker to kick off freshly brewed content that is interactive as well. Even after an abundance of exposure, people are still looking for new videos every single day, and maybe your ideas can satiate their need for the content.

So, shall we begin the step by step guide for creating YouTube videos that will garner a good number of audiences on the platform?

steps for creating a YouTube video

The Basics

Let us first get the basics out of our way so that we can then head on to the fun and creative part later. 

1. Create A Youtube Channel

Starting from scratch, you will need a Gmail id to have a channel on YouTube. The registration process is a five-finger exercise. We are hoping you can manage it like a pro.

2. Channel Your Channel

After you have an idea for your channel, you will need to know what exactly you want to create. Giving direction to the ideas is the major task.

3. Know The Market

Any idea needs a market to sell. Once you have figured out the idea, you should know the demographics of your content in the market. Targeting the right kind of audience is crucial for any business and not just the videos. 

Creation Process

Now that you have made everything clear about the technical stuff, you can now start with the creative part. Creating a video!

Well, it is not just about creating videos. To be precise, it is about making videos that people will love. You should make sure that your videos take your subscriber count should break the glass ceiling. To get to that level, you need to know what kind of videos you want to create.

You have two options: You can either create a slide-based video, or you can pick up the camera and start rolling.

With both cases, you will need a flawless video editor to make lily-white videos for the platform. Out of the 300 hours of content in a minute, how many do you think actually work? So, if you are stepping into the business, we assume, you mean business! You will have to create something out of the box, something that is sui generis.

Find The Purpose

There are basically three purposes of making a YouTube video, and you have to choose which one is yours. 

1. Education: The videos that can teach/ preach a skill, idea, or a concept

2. Engagement: There are channels that just want to evoke an emotion in a person and garner likes, comments, and shares.

3. Awareness: People nowadays have a limited time to face the issues of their lives because they are spending most of their time on YouTube. So, you can utilize their time on YouTube to bring an issue to their notice.

Whatever is the purpose, you need to know that you need to have a unique element in your videos that attracts the audience. Otherwise, we are already losing count of channels that serve no purpose on YouTube. Be the one that has a purpose and is a class in itself.

Rolling Or Scrolling?

After you have decided what is the whole setup you want to follow, either get the camera out or a notebook/laptop. Get the camera out, start to roll, and then the editing process begins with a YouTube video editor.


For the people who prefer it the old-school way, note down your points on your notebook and the modern people can definitely start typing their ideas and then get to the quick video creator. For creating the ideas, you will need to scroll and research a bit on the kind of videos that work on the platform. 

For either process, you will need an impeccable YouTube video editor to integrate your ideas in a flowy manner. For a great experience, we should tell you the venue for fabricating “just so” videos out of blurry ideas.

Video Editing For YouTube

While curating a video, a video editor plays an important role. Also, it is not just about the video, and you need personal ads and an ad maker as well. There are numerous options to choose from to do the same. However, we have a tool that will help you in doing all of this in one place. One solution to all possible video making problems- invideo.io! 

The process has many questions to answer, few of them are Do I have a budget?

1. What is the target length of the video?

2. How many people will I need to get it in place?

3. How will the video work?

4. Will the video require a script? 

5. What is going to be the sound of the video if there is no script?

6. And the most important one, will I edit the video myself?

Invideo.io will give you a creative area to experiment will your video editing process. Not many people have enough investment to hire a video editor at the first stage of the process. Hence, getting in touch with your material on your own will take you a long way. 


With everything in mind, and after answering all the questions asked, we hope you are ready to do what makes you happy. While editing the video, make sure you synchronize the sound, remove unnecessary footage, and add intros or outros. You may also some extra elements to your video. With invideo.io, you will have your ad maker and YouTube video editor, all in one! This quick video creator will help you make your personal ads and your own YouTube video as well.

So, why not try it for yourself and experience the world of creating unique visual content for people to see? You can get started now with invideo.io.