How could you construct a house without making blueprint? Similarly, how could you create a video without designing its storyboard? A storyboard for a video is what a blueprint is for a house. Thus, one of the significant steps to finalize your online marketing videos is to develop a proper storyboard. Creating a storyboard is now fun to the video marketers. The online video maker, Invideo has made this task easier for them. Use Invideo for displaying your story by applying your creativity. Visit the online platform of Invideo, create your account and then log into it. You can find the tools for creating the storyboard.


A storyboard design helps in detailing various actions. Let us now see how Invideo assists you to deal with those actions:

  • Create shots and scenes- When you have clicked the storyboard tab, you can find all the blocks or frames that you have added. Each of the blocks reveals the successive shots. For every block, you can create the story, headline, quotes, question and social. You will also find the option for highlighting the content and for adding a few numbers of media.
  • Develop the dialogue- You can get minimal space for writing about the significant action. It helps you in communicating your thoughts.
  • Place voiceovers and graphics- These are various options for customizing your videos.

Focus on the timeline

Take time for understanding everything, and then, you can compose the timeline for a video advertising program. By setting that, it becomes easier for you to organize the marketing campaign. You can chronologically show all the events in your marketing videos.

You can find that there is nothing complicated in the interface of Invideo. Once you have started creating the storyboard, you can easily make out every step. After going through each of the steps, Invideo instructs you on what to do on the subsequent step. Thus, as a new video marketer, you will have no problem in creating a storyboard for the video.


Choose the major scenes for developing the story-

As an Invideo user, your first step is to pick a template. Then, you can start the primary process for designing storyboard. However, before developing it, you have to think of the relevant story and the way of presenting it. Invideo gives you the right amount of space for creating the headline and the content for it. The storyboard presents you with an idea of how the story will appear in your video. Include the most notable moments for your story to grab the attention of viewers.

The best feature of Invideo is that it helps you in the proper creation of the story. For instance, when you have added several words for the story, it gives you an option for rearrangement.

It’s the time to focus on the details-

We have already said that the storyboard works as a type of blueprint. However, it never means that you have to add too much detail to it. The storyboards, intended for movies, may have several things to cover in every scene. However, Invideo is a tool, especially for video marketers, and most of these marketers create short promotional marketing videos. We think that for these videos, you can create quick, present content for the storyboard. With a few clicks, this free video maker helps you to create the storyboard.

Video Storyboard

Start writing the script-

Now, you can find a space for creating a script at Invideo platform. For every script line, you can find new scenes. Scrip writing is one of the vital steps for a successful video. However, you must take time for writing the flawless scripts for your video. After this script writing process is over, you have to get back to the main storyboard development task.

The storyboard tab of Invideo presents you with a crisp, user-friendly interface. You can get a chance of finding the flow of your story. You will be able to make sure that the video will send your message to the audience. You may have a preview after creating the storyboard. While you have found any mistake, you can easily edit the story. You may also delete the scenes or the media, added to the scenes. Choose the templates and music that can go with the theme of your video.

You can find Quick Edit Option on Storyboard page. You have a lot of editing options for your page. For instance, you may modify the position of the content. You can add stickers (business, corporate, crimes, emojis, places, and several other choices). Invideo has lots of customization features to make the videos appropriate for promoting your business. Spend much time for developing the storyboard of your video.

Marketing Videos

The storyboarding process relies on the potential of visual storytelling approach. It plays the most crucial role to encourage visual thoughts. As one of the content developers and video marketers, you may use Invideo for adding the best visual imageries to your work. It grabs the attention of the readers. You can get space for writing words for video content. However, representations have more power to make your video attractive. When you have added a long, chunky content, you will need much time for drawing it out for every section of the video.

Thus, to end, we can say that there are various ways to develop a storyboard for marketing videos. However, Invideo helps you to follow the easiest one. The step for storyboarding enables you to jot down all your needs. It is the preliminary step for the final video production. After creating the storyboard, Invideo gives you options for editing the content in different ways.

The best storyboard is highly essential to create a superb video. This storyboarding also acts as your video guide. It represents how you are going to reveal your video. You may add the logo and brand name to create the content of the video. It is a way of personalizing it. Thus, form the storyboard and then go through various other steps for the final video development.