Finally you took the initiative to write high-quality articles for your blog, publish it, programs updates in peak hours of interaction in your social networks and expect that content like, be shared, and people write hundreds of comments, but your publications they barely get an insignificant number of ‘likes’ and less than divided.

If you face that sad reality, let me tell you that you are not the only one. To make a publication on Facebook stand out, which competes with more than 1,499 books that appear in the news of your fans, has become an enormous challenge for those who start in content marketing.

So, how to win the battle and stand out from the crowd?

In this article I am going to share the formula followed by some of the most prominent media such as Upworthy & Buzzfeed, and that we apply in Impulse to make the pieces of content we produce both for the agency and our clients do not get lost in the sea of oblivion.

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If you thought that writing content was something simple, let me explain why the title of your blog post is the most substantial process to increase the likelihood of it to be liked, shared and therefore viral and hence prove the value of video marketing.

Five reasons that justify the role played by the headlines in social media marketing

Headlines for Marketing Videos

  • Each year, people’s attention capacity decreases due to information overload.
  • The title is possibly the only interaction you will have with your audience. Therefore a tempting headline will not only improve your CTR (Click to Rate). If the development of the content transmits what you promised in the headline, you will get the reader to get hooked with your content.
  • An exceptional title of Video marketing can get your article shared on social networks, even before reading it. How? Creating seductive headlines is one of the best ways
  • I recommend that you structure the development of your video marketing content with captions, subtitles, and highlights.
  • 99% of organic publications do not receive any interaction. It is essential that you publish the same update in different time zones to reach more fans.

As you may have noticed, without an attractive headline for online video marketing, all your effort to produce the best content will not capture the attention of users in that sea of social disorder generated every minute.

But, it turns out that there are media, such as Upworthy and Buzzfeed that have dominated the world of bravery and managed to obtain millions of visits to their web pages, mainly from social networks, from which we can learn.

What reason can lead you to click on a headline like the following? “An 18-year-old knows how to remove 154 million pounds of garbage from the ocean in 10 years.” The creators of Upworthy have an explanation: Titles are written in a way to activate a “curiosity gap” that leads us to want to know more. Or, to put it another way, go further by clicking on a link.

So, at this point, I assume you will be convinced that writing compelling headlines is an essential part of video marketing if you want to make your content marketing strategy have results.

Tips for Successful Video Marketing

successful techniques-min

  • Urgent: Your audience should feel that valuable information will be lost if it leaves without clicking on the owner. If you do not make them feel that urgency, other articles will attract their attention.
  • Unique: Stand out and show your personality. That is the most straightforward strategy to get the immediate attention of your readers. Embrace your weird or funny side.
  • Useful: “What’s the use?” That is a critical question that your consumer will be asking before devoting their time to interacting with your content. You must try to transmit the practical applications of reading your article to the user in the headline.
  • Ultra-specific: I recommend you use statistics and data to establish trust as well as to demonstrate your authority.

Also, it clearly states the specific benefits of reading your article, so that your audience is more likely to deepen the body of the writing.

Here are 8 video marketing headlines ideas:

  • The best-kept secrets of to make
  • Discover how to using the formula
  • Experts share methods to make
  • 10 tips for
  • Follow these tips religiously to
  • Are you suffering to ? Then read this
  • The process you must follow if you want to
  • Why is successfully doing

In summary, the key is to write headlines that attract the eye of the audiences

  • Be as useful as possible for the reader
  • Generate a sense of urgency
  • Somehow, prove to be unique, and
  • Do everything in an ultra-specific way