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Times Music Spiritual is a Times Music initiative to reach audiences from a different generation. Times Music is one of India’s premier music labels. Their vision was to create videos for a vast number of devotional songs. They partnered with InVideo to create user-friendly, engaging YouTube videos.


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Times Music Spiritual brings the best of Indian spiritual music videos in full HD quality. From chants to mantras, aarti, and bhajans, Times Music Spiritual has it all.

It is a growing initiative which has about 255,990 YouTube subscribers currently. It is an entity of Times Music which is India’s premier music labels with a fantastic track record in all forms of music like devotional, Indian classical, Indie pop, Bhangra and so on. Times Music’s vision was to create videos for a vast number of devotional songs. The videos made had to be neat, classy, clutter-free, user-friendly, engaging and YouTube compatible.


The videos had to be made from scratch. The only two things provided to InVideo team were the songs and the names of the deities to be showcased.

The overall presentation of the videos had to have a predominant taste of the middle-aged audience, put in a stimulating way. Our primary objective was to ease the target audience through immersive and extensively localised visuals.

The videos had to be created in many different styles based on the tone, mood, and speed of the songs.

Following things had to be made sure of before packaging the final videos:

-They should be visually appealing and compelling.

-The lyrics should be properly synced and spell checked.

-They should follow the visual identity guidelines of Times Music and global encoding specifications of YouTube.

-They should be of the highest quality to accurately represent the brand and be commercially viable.

-They should have a unique added value in terms of the content design.


Through InVideos’s advanced automatic technology, the videos were made with unprecedented scale and effectiveness, without any manual support.

InVideo created a large bank of assets to suit the mood and message of the songs. These components were picked automatically by InVideo depending on the tonality and spirit of the music.

From line drawings and PNGs of elements like mandalas, lights, oil lamps to actual video snippets of aartis were used from the asset library of InVideo. All these elements came together to make the video look beautiful and easy on eyes. Several other scenes and transitions were created through InVideo’s Artificial Intelligence to achieve the desired scale and quality. To keep the user engaged, interesting facts and other interactive elements like song lyrics, trivia, facts were also added to the videos.

Once the different visuals components were in place, the next step was to sync the elements with the audio seamlessly.

As the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of music play a very significant role in determining the pace at which things should move on the screen, InVideo’s inbuilt BPM analyser examines the beats of the music and sets a proper tone and mood for the visuals accordingly. The animation and other visual components were thus picked up from InVideo’s asset library and laid out efficiency one after another through InVideo’s high tech BPM analyser. Through InVideo’s Artificial Intelligence the pace of motion graphics and transitions was automatically synced with the music. This was possible through its advanced algorithms which determine the best places to interweave transitions and animations throughout the video.

This way, InVideo’s inbuilt technology analyzed the suitable pace and tone for the videos