Customer engagement is the latest marketing buzzword, and rightly so. This has caused the advertising to change its forms in many ways, as the media kept changing with time. The introduction of social media on multiple platforms has increased the channels of communication for brands and consumers. The most popular form of customer engagement by brands is online video ads. 

Customer Engagement with Video Ads

Because of the effectiveness of video ads to best convey a message, there are now many tools that allow ad-makers to create YouTube videos, edit them, and add special effects with no special effort. The online video tools, such as InVideo, are specifically designed to cater to a wide range of users to create videos for various purposes – advertisements, slideshows, invitation videos, and so on.

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Why Video Ads?

The Internet has proven to be a handy platform for showcasing your business or cause. But the mode of ads has changed with the change in people’s mindset. The advertisements started as web page pop-ups. But in the wrong and overenthusiastic hands, the pop-ups started becoming a nuisance and thus targets to ad-blocker tools. Thus, the entry of video on social media platforms proved to be a significant turning point in the video ads. 

Why else would video ads be the rage of digital marketing?

1. Customers are watching more and more videos on social media platforms. 

2. The one on one nature of videos proved useful in converting users to customers. 

3. It is easier to spread the message quickly as viewers themselves share the videos they like and agree with. 

4. Videos are not restricted to televisions and computers alone; their accessibility on the mobile platform holds the promise of broader outreach. 

5. Science proves that visual aids are more effective in communicating a message than a long-winded text. 

6. Online video editors are easy to use and compatible over multiple platforms, hence easy to make and share. 

How to Increase the Effectiveness of the Video Ads

Customers are the primary video audiences, and honestly, they are quite fickle. In a rush-rush world like today, viewers do not have the patience to understand subtle messages and see boring graphics. 

Here are a few tips for you to ensure that your video ad reaches the right audience and captures the proper attention:

Understand your audience:

First of all, as a video ad maker, you must understand your audience and the platform. The most popular platforms are currently Facebook and YouTube. But we cannot forget that these are virtual social communities too, which means that the language and the stories on the videos should be socially acceptable. 

Identify the Objective:

Find out why you are creating a video: to create an awareness of your subject, to convert views into sales, or seek job applicants/participants in a venture. Your objective with the help you select the right format and the ambiance for the video ad. 

Choose the right template:

With the objective and the audience in mind, it is now time to select the right template for the video ad. The correct template is instrumental in creating the right mood to communicate the message effectively. Ad-making tools such as InVideo have hundreds of templates to cater to the various video-making requirements for every type of video editor and viewer. 

Use the right content:

While pictures may say a thousand words, it is essential to ensure that you don’t use a thousand words to put your message through. The right words used in context go a long way towards capturing the audience’s attention. Crisp and concise content is very effective in straightforwardly expressing the message when you have less than a minute at hand. 

Keep it short:

This is a Megabytes-per-second world, where the viewers have hardly any patience to wait for the video to load. There is also a factor that viewers who watch video ads generally do so during transit or breaks from work, which means that there is very little time to grab their eyeballs with your message. That’s why the first 10 seconds of a video of extremely crucial to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them intrigued till the end. 

Be a silent film director:

While music and dialogues contribute towards the making of a great video ad, they may not be so important or effective for people who are challenged in those areas. Plus, it may not always be possible for a person to view the video with full audio and music because of their surroundings, such as being surrounded by sleeping people or lack of a good network, or workplace environment. Almost 90% of the video audiences watch video ads with the sound off. Here it becomes important to think like the director of silent movies and make subtitles an integral part of the video ad. 

Use Call to action:

Showcasing your message is incomplete unless you tell your audience what you expect of them:

1. Do you want reviews of the video ad that just aired?

2. Is this the video ad a precursor to a more interesting portal with scores of such videos and other content?

3. Do you want the viewer to pay for charity or a service package?

While this is covered under your objective, you should not end a video with more questions than answers. Include a Call to Action for the viewer to click, so that they understand what you mean business and you expect some participation. Interested viewers will respect this sort of bluntness in the video. 

Track Performance

Once you’ve created your ads and set them out into the digital world, you need to track their performance and make sure you are making the best use of your resources. You can easily use tools like Wordstream’s Google Ads Performance Grader. It helps you track your Google Ads performance and optimise them so that you can make the most of your ads by spending the least amount of money on them. You will just need to connect your Google Ads account and the tool will provide you with valuable information regarding how your ads are performing and where you can improve your ads. You can easily save money by removing irrelevant keywords, optimising long-tail keywords, optimising your impression share. The best part is – it’s absolutely free.


Online video editors such as InVideo and YouTube video editors are equipped to provide all the content and the effects as a canvas for an effective and pleasing video ad campaign or personal ads. All you need to bring your inherent creativity and the plan to achieve the necessary viewership. 

Good luck with the video campaign!