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AI Subtitle Generator

Generate subtitles with AI in 50+ global languages for videos created on Invideo AI. Create your video with a voiceover in any language and add subtitles in any foreign language on Invideo AI.
50+ global languages supported

How to generate subtitle for a video?


Prompt Invideo AI

Prompt on Invideo AI to make a video about your topic of interest.

Add details

Add desired language for the Voiceover and Subtitle style & language to your prompt along with other details needed for your your video.

Generate your Subtitles

Change Subtitle style & language with a simple text command on the edit magic box. Hit "export" when satisfied with the output to generate a video with Subtitles.

Online AI video subtitle generator

Pick from a various Subtitles styles

Bold subtitles with popping effect, Clean subtitles with no outline, classic hormozi style subtitles, comica subtitles, subtitles with a banger effect, word by word subtitles karaoke style, are amongst the several subtitles choices available on Invideo AI.

Use popular fonts for your Subtitles

Invideo AI can add subtitles to your videos with fonts like Montserrat, Roboto, Arial, Comic Sans. Simply add them to your initial video prompt of command the Magic edit box to make the changes.

Auto Subtitle generator for your videos

Invideo AI can automatically generate subtitles for your videos from simple prompts. Generate Subtitles with AI for your social media videos, marketing videos, educational content or videos from your blogs.

How to change subtitles with magic box?

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