Online videos have the power to attract millions of viewers. Whether you have released the video to a social platform or your website, the engaging video content will draw the attention. However, for both personal and promotion purpose, you may have one target- To make your video unique and eye-catching. Start editing the videos that you have in your device. A dull video can become an engaging one. Choose the best video maker tool, and you can quickly master the skill of editing a video.  Filmora video editor review is one of them.

Hence, here are the top online video maker tools, which will help you to craft some fantastic online videos. (You can watch “Review Of Top Online Video Makers – Part 1” first)

InVideo This is the best one on our list. No matter what the video content is, you can transform it with the aid of InVideo. With the efficiency of this tool, you can make your storytelling skills even more fascinating and captivating. So, let us have a detailed talk about the features of this tool. There is a feature named InVideo press, and it helps you to create videos for the sake of your business and marketing. There, you can even customize your designs and take your editing skills to an advanced level. Another incredible aspect of this tool is InVideo motion. Here, you can create new videos and can make them according to your desires. It will help you to make your customers engaged in your video. The best part about this feature is that it is cost effective so that you don’t have to bother about your money.invideo video maker tool

Filmora- It is a very effective tool when it comes to video making and video editing. By analyzing Filmora video editor review, we have found that its editing options enable you to present you a fantastic video. There are several features to help you in making any favorite video. If you can look up to any filmora video editor review, you will find out that it is a very reliable tool. With this tool on your side, you don’t have to bother about any limitations. You can express yourself in countless ways which will benefit you in the field of marketing and if you want to put forward your skills and creativity. You can also add up your favorite music in your videos and can make it even more interesting. You have several choices of themes to make your video look unique.

From Filmora review of the real users, we have found a few cons of this tool. There is no surround sound configurator, closed captions or any other advanced feature. It has made the users find for a filmora alternative. Filmora’s price begins at 39.99$, and it does not come up with a monthly package option. So, Filmora’s cost is another disadvantage.

filmora video editor review

Wibbitz- Another proficient tool to design some intriguing and exciting videos is Wibbitz. If you are someone who loves to narrate stories, then you can opt for this tool. Like other Wibbitz competitors, it will give wings to your storytelling capabilities. The most exceptional part about this tool is you don’t have to be a professional editor to use this tool. Wibbitz is a very user-friendly tool that has no complications when it comes to using it. Like any other video making tool, you can use this tool for marketing, storytelling and showing your ingenuity and proficiency. Wibbitz will let you transform any story into a video quickly, and you can share those videos to any social media platforms. Presently, Wibbitz pricing is not affordable and budget-friendly to most of the users as its monthly package starts from 500$. So, as per Wibbitz reviews, many users are opting for Wibbitz alternative. There are also Wibbitz free alternatives available in the market today.

Rocketium- This is also a very considerately designed video making tool. This user-friendly tool prevents you from having any difficulty in using it. Like other Rocketium competitors, the innovative features of this tool are intended to help you in creating a very charismatic video. You can keep your audience engaged with the help of this tool. The key features of this tool are easy video creation, powerful video editing, video branding, collaboration, video customization, stock content, custom integration, videos for business and dedicated support. Another fantastic thing is that the pricing of this tool is quite affordable and reasonable.

Few users have complained that video takes time for editing and updating.  Thus, to avoid this issue, you may look for some other tools, as Rocketium alternative or alternative to Rocketium. You can go for Rocketium free alternatives too.

Animoto- If you want to make a beautiful video with the help of several photos, you can select websites similar to Animoto, and it will not disappoint you. Like other Animoto competitors, in this tool, you can choose the images that you want and create a great video out of them. In those videos, you can even add songs of your desired genre that goes with the style and flavor of your video. The music library of website like Animoto is vast, and they have the license for using all those songs in the video, which you will create. With the help of that video, you can narrate the story that you want to tell and represent your creativity all over the world. Not many Animoto alternatives are there, which will help you to create such good videos.

While writing this Animoto review, we have found that most of the users are annoyed with the presence of ads while using sites like animoto. Thus, they are going for tools alternative to animoto. Animoto pricing is costly. It will cost you around 64$ monthly.

animoto review

Powtoon-It is also a very handy tool by which you can tailor very creative and pleasing videos. With Powtoon, you can create videos for any purpose like marketing, education as well as personal videos. For example, if you want your students not to get distracted in the class, you can create an enticing educational video for your students which will protect them from getting distracted from any other unwanted things. Similarly, if you want to promote your business with the help of a video, you can create alluring videos with this tool which will help you to grab the attention of your customers. The most amazing thing that you will get from websites like Powtoon is that you will get a professional video within 20 minutes. But, if you want to look out a bit more, you will find several Powtoon alternatives.

A slightly cluttered interface and small watermark are two demerits of this tool as per the Powtoon review. However, you can get several other tools, similar to Powtoon. Powtoon pricing is 99$ monthly. So, the users are deciding on free Powtoon alternatives.

Therefore, if you want to find out the best video editing tool for yourself, go through the above-written list. From the unbiased reviews, we think that InVideo is much better than most other similar tools. With lots of positive features, this tool has pleased several users.