If you work in the promotion of your channel on YouTube with the help of promo video and you are looking for ideas to promote it, the following Decalogue of actions that Hoot suite social media professionals have shared may be useful. It is ten valuable but straightforward suggestions that are easy to implement and very useful.

  • Create short, concrete and striking titles

It is the first thing you see in the recommendations and the search results. So the suggested promotional video is to create short, clear, concrete titles, without spelling mistakes and with popular keywords to facilitate their recognition.

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  • Use a striking image thumbnail

No blurred images or moved in the thumbnail image that will accompany and collaborate in the video marketing. But one must be consistent with the title and theme of their video. In the YouTube Help, there is a specific guide to take advantage of them. But in summary: use a high-quality image of 1280 x 720 – at least 640 px wide. It will be used even in previews of embedded videos, that is light and also rectangular (16: 9 ratio).

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  • Optimize the appearance of your channel

The appearance of your channel combines with the colors, backgrounds, logos, banners, and icons of your other social profiles to strengthen the recognition of your brand. By the way, you should consider the likely change to Material Design in the YouTube design.

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  • Apply some “SEO” for videos

It is not necessary to break the head with the subject. But it is useful to resort to basic practices related to the use of titles, keywords, labels, descriptions and optimal times to work. And it is done in the search for better positions in the search results. The Search Engine Watch portal delves into the subject with tips and examples of good practices.

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  • Collaborate with others and stay active

Look for channels related to your niche, communities to noticed, exchange comments, establish connections with other channel managers and even get general audiences. It is convenient to create videos in conjunction with those responsible, publish videos as a guest, cross mentions and recommendations, etc.  Also, use promotional video maker like InVideo which puts the power of video in your hands.

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  • Conduct contests

Call the attention of your current users or potential new followers through viral competitions. Here they can sign up to these competitions by subscribing to the channel if not sharing content with references and recommendations (e.g., photos or videos talking about a product).

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  • Interact with your audience

Take advantage of the useful opinions of your followers about promo video ideas or those who comment on your videos. And try to respond to their concerns through text or with unique videos in which they gave a solution to their doubts. It is a sign of gratitude to that audience. And in the process, it becomes a simple idea to get more ideas for useful content.

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  • Create playlists

In addition to serving as a double promotion by appearing separately in searches and easily organize all publications to generate thematic collections, they can retain the audience because users will not have finished watching a video to be connected to the visualization next’s.

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  • Use calls to action ( call to action )

“Vote now,” “Subscribe,” “Test for free by clicking on this link,” “Check this other video,” “Share it” and “Complete the form to join a special list” are some simple calls to action. But they are beneficial that you can occupy, even with the floating buttons and annotations that can be embedded in YouTube videos -without exceeding-, to allow viewers to interact with the channel.

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  • Promote your channels in other social networks and web spaces

Finally, promote your channel on your page, blog, email signature or on your social profiles to extend your reach working in different web communities.

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Fatal errors in video marketing strategies

  • Long-term videos that last an eternity are not very attractive in the information age. From the ease of access that brought the explosion of smartphones, now if a video does not captivate or does not generate curiosity in the first 5 seconds, we discard it and continue with another video.
  • Not having a target audience Launch too generalized content to sell and without defining what type of person is destined to fail.
  • Videos without storytelling (No emotional connection): Creating a link with the people who exposed to your brand is very important. Generating an emotional connection with your target audience, it will lead you to be faithful to what you feel when you get your product. They may even consume it because you have convinced them that having a product of yours means power and social status.
  • Technical errors in the creation of the content: Technical errors in a video can be devastating. For if something fails in them, people will judge wrongly — not only the promo video templates but the brand. People tend to remember more of the mistakes of a brand than their conquests. Your product can be fabulous. But if in the production of your video you have lousy audio and there is no design line. Your brand will lose strength.
  • Do not count on SEO optimization: A video with a million-dollar production, film actors, can stay in the dark without good SEO management. When complying with Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization), your video created by any promo video maker like InVideo will appear in high positions in web search engines. Thanks to that you will have many more possibilities to be visualized by the people surfing the web.


All companies can use video marketing as a strategy in their advertising campaigns. But knowing what type and when to use it depends on the knowledge we have about our target audience. It also depends on the analysis of the results of our first content productions.

We also learned that creating emotional bonds with consumers helps the brand to stay a lot longer in their mind. It also helps to feed their curiosity while entertaining them with our content. This guarantees that the message, values, and products of our brand remain in their memories. And with time, these become sales for our company.